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10 Unwanted Hard Inquiries That Will Damage Your Credit Score

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10 Unwanted Hard Inquiries That Will Damage Your Credit Score - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about '10 Unwanted Hard Inquiries That Will Damage Your Credit Score' - inquirybuster

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If you have ever had to remove inquiries yourself or have contacted Inquiry Busters to remove inquiries, you probably had one or two from debts that you didn’t think about until it was too late, and that’s because when it comes to credit score, there are a handful of usual (but often forgotten) suspects.

defaulted services

Defaulted Services

You forget the cable bill, and now you're in collections. Services providers don't play around, if you miss more than two bills in a row, you will see hard inquiries on your bureau.

gym memberships

Gym Memberships

Although it might seem easier to just stop paying, if you don't cancel your gym membership properly, there will be hard inquiries from collections.

car rentals

Car Rentals

Most rental agencies require a credit check when reserving by debit card. To avoid hard inquiries, use your credit card, there is no credit check and you can still pay it off right away.

overdue rent

Overdue Rent

Landlords aren’t interested in excuses, and if you are more than a month behind you will be reported.

unpaid traffic tickets

Unpaid Traffic Tickets

If you don’t pay now, you will pay later. Unpaid parking or traffic tickets will damage your credit score.

unpaid taxes

Unpaid Taxes

Even if you evade the taxman for awhile, eventually you will be caught: don’t pay, don’t play.

unreturned rental items

Unreturned Rental Items

Library books, power tools, DVDs – whatever you borrow, if you don’t return it you will be charged daily late fees and eventually, the cost of the item, which will result in hard inquiries.

unpaid medical expenses

Unpaid Medical Expenses

Hospitals don’t chase people, they report them. If you don’t pay your deductable when it’s due, hard inquiries will damage your credit score later on.

unpaid pras payday loans

Unpaid PRAs (Payday Loans)

When payday companies can’t find you they will sell your file, and that means hard inquiries from a variety of eager collectors.

applying for credit

Applying for Credit

Every credit card application you send means that you may have to remove inquiries later on, because every individual inquiry can damage your credit score by a handful of points.