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The Pitch

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The Pitch

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  1. The Pitch By Umair Saleem

  2. Genre – Action Sub-genres • Thriller • Horror • Martial Arts • Sci-fi • Comedy These are the main sub-genres of action

  3. Plot • Base plot: • 2 main characters, protagonist, and antagonist. • Maybe we’ll have some sort of rivalry for young age between the two • Or we could have a story where the antagonist attacks the protagonist’s family/ loved ones • Maybe do sort of a man hunt thing, where the protagonist fights a someone and when defeating them he’ll get info to get to the main antagonist • Final duel at the end against these 2 characters • Protagonist will win, killing antagonist as he will be forced to or he will die. • Protagonist is fighting to obtain ‘justice’ but will encounter enemies which will make him question his own morals, judgements and his prospective of ‘justice’

  4. Narrative • (Rough ideas) • Story 2: • (Protag, and Antag will have some sort of childhood rivalry which sparks with good and evil separation) • The protagonist is living in an ordinary neighbourhood; it has been nice and peaceful for over a decade. This has been too long for some, the antagonist’s group come to the neighbourhood and cause havoc among the people they end up killing the protagonist’s father in the process. This enrages the protagonist who chases the group, but he fails to get a sense of revenge as they beat him up. • This fuels the protagonist’s fire to get revenge; he undergoes training so he is able to kill the main antagonist. The protagonist will go on a journey to train and on the way he will be confronted by people that will test him and they are part of the antagonist’s group. They will serve as a moral and philosophical lesson to the protagonist and will help him understand himself better. • Once the protagonist has defeated all the minions then he shall have the final battle with the antagonist and he will have several flash backs about how they were friends, it will jump straight to a sword fight were the two are having a battle of words alongside this fight they will go on in the sword fight the protagonist will get beaten up a lot to a stage were the antagonist is about to kill him but he will kill the protagonist’s girlfriend. This will push the protagonist to kill/defeat the antagonist.

  5. Narrative 2 (raw idea) • Character is trapped in an online game, virtual reality game. If you die in the game you die in real life only way to escape the game is to complete all 100 floors. • Main character (protagonist) • Game creator/master (antagonist) • The online game is based on sword fighting and sword skills. • The character has to fight from floor 1 all the way to floor 100 • Character builds relationship with other players • Protagonist has a reputation of being a solo player known as the ‘black swordsman’ • Protagonist has builds up a relationship with a female character, they eventually become attached to each other. • When the protagonist and antagonist fight 1 one 1 that female character acts as a human shield for 1 attack and dies this enrages the protagonist which then kills/defeats the antagonist.

  6. Target audience results

  7. Audience profile • Teen males – 45% • 25+ males – 25% • Females – 15 • Elderly – 5% • My main target audience is male teenagers as they would be interested in this genre the most. I am trying to target older teenagers though maybe 17+ as I would like to include philosophical and moral ideas which would challenge what the audience thinks is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in this area, also they would be able to relate to it easier if they were 17+. • I will have to give my movie a rating of 15+ as I would still like my movie to be available to as much people as possible. There will be a lot of fighting scenes and bits with smaller conflict so that the audience doesn’t have to sit through any boring talk. The movie will be as action packed as possible!

  8. Movie certificate • I think I’ll have to rate the movie 15+ or 18+ due to the graphical images that are shown in the movie, people will be shown some dismemberment and very visual injuries from sword fights (and other weapon). • The theme which will be conveyed in the movie maybe to complicated for audiences under the age of 18 to understand and relate to, so I may not be suitable for them in that sense. • There maybe a bit of swearing in the movie but it will be kept at minimum so it could still be rated 15+. • The movie could be rated 15+ but it will definitely edging towards 18+ due to some content, maybe it would be rated R.