Milk characteristics
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Milk characteristics. Karen Hunt Erki Limbak Mart Rinken. What is milk ?. Milk is biological fluid that contains over 100 000 compound. All nutrients are found in milk. Milk has high nutritive value irreplaceable nutritives Human body is well acceptive. Difference between milk.

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Milk characteristics

Milk characteristics

Karen Hunt

Erki Limbak

Mart Rinken

What is milk
What is milk ?

  • Milk is biological fluid that contains over 100 000 compound.

  • All nutrients are found in milk.

  • Milk has high nutritive value

  • irreplaceable nutritives

  • Human body is well acceptive

Milk stright from farmers
Milk stright from farmers

  • Water (88%)

  • Lactose (4.5-5.5%) the milk sugar which serves as fuel for the lactic bacteria

  • Protein (3.5% in cows to over 8% in ewes) primarily the Casein for cheese structure

  • Fat (3.5-5% in cows up to 9% for ewes) providing flavor, aroma, and texture in cheese

  • Minerals such as Calcium which form the Casein bonds for cheese

  • Enzymes such as Lipase and Plasmin which aid in the ripening of cheese

Milk from supermarkets
Milk from supermarkets

  • How to make pasteurized milk?

  • Heat milk up to 72,5 for 15 seconds

  • Why do they pasteurize milk?

  • extend its self-life

  • destroy microbes dangerous to people.

  • During pasteurization

  • natural antibacterial properties are destroyed

  • milk enzymes become inactive

  • Increases milk acidity

  • decreases the content of water-and fat-soluble vitamins


Estonian University of Life SciencesInstitute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal ScienceDepartment of Animal Nutrition, Laboratory of Milk Quality.

Instructor: Ivi Jõudu

M ilk that c o me s straight from farmers
Milk that comes straight from farmers


  • Milk has to be 20 ̊C to determine the density

  • Normal density is 1,026 g/cm³

  • Milk density is measured by areometer.

Fat content
Fat content

  • We used Gerber Method

  • Milk is warmed up to 35-40 ̊C to approximate with the cream

  • Before the sample milk is chilled to 20 ̊C

  • 10 ml sulfuric acid is added to test tube, then 10,77 ml milk and then 1 ml alcohol

  • After that samples are put 65 ̊C water and then to centrifuge

  • From the scala you can see the consist of fat

Milk characteristics

Form milk to curd
Form milk to curd fresh milk is

  • What is curd?

  • Curd can be manufactured traditionally or by the separation method.

  • Texture of the traditional curd

  • Unflavoured curd has a slight sour taste

  • Curd desserts ingredients

  • Fresh cream

  • Yogurt

  • sour cream

  • different flavours or flavouring agents

  • sugar

  • fruits and berries

How to make cheese at home
How to make cheese at home? fresh milk is

  • Put the milk into a bowl and heat it until it’s 175 degrees (at the same time-stir)

  • When it’s 175 degrees, add budder milk and lemon juice and turn off the heat. Stir it slowly (milk is going to curdle).

  • It’s going to brake down into two things- curd and whey.

  • Let it be then in peace for 10 minutes.

Milk characteristics

How cheese is made in factory
How cheese is made in factory? try for 30 minutes)

  • MILK


    Milk turns into curd and whey. Cheese is curdled with a bacteria culture and a coagulating enzyme