the fbla pbl professional division n.
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The FBLA-PBL Professional Division PowerPoint Presentation
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The FBLA-PBL Professional Division

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The FBLA-PBL Professional Division - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The FBLA-PBL Professional Division
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  1. The FBLA-PBL Professional Division Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s Business World

  2. Purpose of the Professional Division • The FBLA-PBL Professional Division is for businesspeople, educators, parents, former members, and anyone who supports the goals of the association. • Established business professionals can help, teach, and encourage the rising generation of business leaders. Professional members give students the chance to work one-on-one with experienced leaders.

  3. History of the Professional Division • In 1979, The Alumni Division was formed to allow FBLA-PBL alumni a chance to continue supporting the organization • In 1989, the Alumni Division was changed to the Professional Division to include advisers and business leaders. It allowed our organization to reach a greater audience.

  4. Who are Professional Division members? • Alumni • Educators/Administrators • Business Professionals • Parents • Government Officials

  5. Goals & Objectives • Like the other divisions of FBLA-PBL, we follow the same philosophy of Service, Education & Progress. • Service – PD members support the associations programs and serve as liaisons between the workplace and classroom. • Education – PD members mentor FBLA-PBL members to strengthen leadership abilities and provide career counseling. • Progress – PD members keep the other divisions informed & up to date on current business trends.

  6. What can PD Members do for your chapter? • Serve as a liaison between business and the classroom • Share real life experiences at meetings and workshops • Provide professional development training through workshops • Arrange tours of local businesses

  7. What can PD Members do for your chapter? – Cont. • Guide members as they prepare for competitive events. • Judge at local, state and national competitions. • Help chapters with fundraising • Create internship and job shadowing opportunities • Offer scholarships and other financial support

  8. PD Membership Benefits • Receive The Professional Edge, a newsletter exclusively for PD members • Receive Tomorrow’s Business Leader or PBL Business Leader (depending on affiliation) • Discounts at car rentals, stores, and hotels nationwide

  9. PD Membership Benefits, Cont. • Discounts at hotels, car rental facilities and stores nationwide.

  10. Membership Dues Options • One Year • $23 with $8 rebate to the state chapter • Lifetime • $350 with $50 rebate to the state chapter

  11. Retaining Members Now that you have PD members, how do you get them to comeback each year? • At the start of the year, request a copy of the PD members designated to your chapter or state from the FBLA-PBL National Center. • Send out renewal letters at the beginning of the membership year. Samples letters are available on the national website.

  12. Retaining Members, Cont. • Provide one on one contact with PD members. The personal contact goes far when asking members to renew. • Take examples of publications to PD members, especially ones that highlight your chapters activities. Who wouldn’t want to work with winners & leaders in the community?

  13. Integrate PD Members into Chapter Activities • Promote PD members in local and state chapter newsletters/websites. • Celebrate American Enterprise Day on November 15 with PD members, • Serve on a panel discussion focusing on current business topics, trends, and issues. • Send letters to the PD member’s manager or boss letting them know what the PD member has done for your chapter. • During FBLA-PBL Week, celebrate your PD members for their support of your chapter.

  14. Some Recommendations • Using the How to Kit, start recruiting PD Members—Alumni, Advisers, and Business Community • Develop program plans and start asking for help from PD Members • Create Directory of PD Members’ Strengths and Area of Concentration • Call/Contact PD Members Regularly

  15. Professional Division Members- A Valuable and Priceless asset for your chapter.

  16. Presented by FBLA-PBL Professional DivisionNational Officer Team Tod Reinhart – National President Juan Soto – National Vice-President Angela McCallie – National Sec./Treasurer