action plan density viii n.
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Action Plan Density (VIII)

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Action Plan Density (VIII) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Action Plan Density (VIII). By Mrs. Nudrat Iqbal Syndicate -3 DA SKBZ College. Contents. Introduction Motivational questions Demonstration and lecture Activity Mathematical Expression Assessment Assignment Links/ references. Introduction. Recap on definitions of volume and mass

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action plan density viii
Action PlanDensity (VIII)

By Mrs. Nudrat Iqbal

Syndicate -3

DA SKBZ College

  • Introduction
  • Motivational questions
  • Demonstration and lecture
  • Activity
  • Mathematical Expression
  • Assessment
  • Assignment
  • Links/ references
  • Recap on definitions of volume and mass
  • Display of samples as cotton, rice, iron nails and aluminum foil
  • What is the significance of recording data as mass, volume and density
bloom s taxonomy1
Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Title of Objectives
  • Learning Objectives
  • 1.
  • Remembering
  • Definition and explanation of density
  • What is density? What are its units?
  • 2.
  • Understanding
  • Demo. To test various object for floating and sinking in water
  • Tell which of these are less dense? Ice or water; oil or water; iron block or water
  • 3.
  • Applying
  • Numerical problems
  • Calculate density of 4cm3 of an iron piece that weighs 14 g.
  • What will be the mass of an ice cube whose density is 1g/cm3 and volume of 1cm3?
  • ?



Reasoning, that affect of density on floating things?

10g of iron block will sink in water? How can you make it less dense?




10 nails of 1g each will sink in water but a foil of same mass (10g) will float. Explain it?




Take aluminum of same mass and form it into various shapes (sphere, cuboids, laminar. Test which one will float?


Motivational Questions

  • Why does ice or oil floats on water?
  • Have you noticed that iron nails sink in water but tons of iron (ships) do not sink?
  • Why do bags of same size containing cotton and rice do not have same mass?
demonstration and lecture
Demonstration and lecture
  • Term density will be defined and explained
  • Some amount of rice and cotton will be kept in same sized bags and weighed
  • Facts and reasons will be discussed and explained to elaborate the concept
  • Buoyancy Check:

Floating and sinking of Al foil and then lump of same foil

  • Floating ship:

Discussion on the reasons on floating tons of metallic structure I.e. ships

floating eggs
Floating eggs

Take a raw egg. Immerse it in water. It will sink to the bottom. Ask the students to predict the condition in which it can float.

The egg can float if the water in the beaker becomes denser. Add about ten teaspoons of salt to 175 mL of water ,stir well and immerse the egg. The egg will float.

Discuss and evaluate the reason.

mathematical expression
Mathematical expression
  • Expression of density
  • Notational form
  • SI units for the term
  • Numerical problems for eliciting the concept
assessment and assignments
Assessment and Assignments

Written quiz and numerical problems

Define density with its SI units.

Calculate density of 10cm3 wooden block whose mass is 40g.

  • bbc.bitesize
  • Elementary science 8