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Tasks Training

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Tasks Training
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  1. ` Tasks Training

  2. Tasks • What is Task Management? • A paperless approach to manage follow-up for activities such as • New Start verification • Expire Alerts • Credit Card Expires • Complaint Redelivery follow-up • Retention Campaigns • Interoffice communication • Notification to correct Transaction or Payment Processing errors • Changes in Credit Status (2014) • Security Threshold • Payment Declines • UnrouteableStarts

  3. Tasks • Tasks assist Circulation users in organizing and prioritizing work to be completed • Task can be created Manually, by entering in or Processing Customer Service transactions, Targeted Marketing and select reports • They can be assigned to individual users, or task groups • Tasks are viewed, completed reassigned escalated and annotated in the My Task or All Tasks module • Accessible in Customer and Route Services • Task status is displayed in real-time; new tasks and updates to existing tasks are broadcast instantly

  4. Tasks • When are Tasks created? • Upon entry of a transaction • Upon processing a transaction • Manual entry in Customer Services or Route Services • Report processing on selected reports • Targeted Marketing processing • Subscriber Activity Export • Modifying a Credit Status (2014) • End Publ Run, Transaction Processing, Payment Processing, Account Billing Processing

  5. Tasks • Tasks are set up an maintained in the Task Management menu on the Graphical Toolbar

  6. Tasks • Level 1 Tasks Create an Alert Red flashing Alert to catch the operator’s attention Alert box pops up on screen

  7. Tasks • Tasks, or your paperless “to do” list • Jump in and out of Customer Services and Tasks easily

  8. Tasks Tasks or “to do” list Individual Task details

  9. Tasks • The Active Tasks tab can be “docked” “To Do” list is easily accessible

  10. Tasks • What are the benefits? • Increased productivity • Allows newspaper staff to easily conduct outbound activity during non-peak customer service hours • Built right into Customer Services and Route Services, so CSR’s are working from a single window • Uses a “push” vs. a “pull” methodology – no more running reports, and then dividing amongst customer service representatives

  11. Tasks • What are the benefits? Continued…. • Increased Customer Service • Tasks facilitate customer contact based on business rules, such as phoning new customers to verify delivery placement, delivery satisfaction, online access to the paper, etc. • Awareness • Provides a total view of your customer contacts, as your outbound activity is tracked historically along with the inbound activity (Customer Service and Route Service)

  12. Tasks • Task History is maintained Date, time, user, activity and notes captured Diary of activity for the Task

  13. Tasks • What is involved with the Setup? • Task Group – similar to user groups, but for Tasks • User Notification – can be notified by e-mail whenever they are assigned a Task • Activity Code -- reassigning, escalating, completing tasks – they all have a ‘reason’ • Task Type – categories of tasks, i.e. complaint, new start, credit card expires • Task – to set up the automated creation of Tasks as well as define the task types available for manual task entry; there will be one entry for each process that creates tasks • Alert – update active tasks based on subsequent tasks

  14. Tasks • Example: New Start Verification • The Need: • The newspaper would like to make a courtesy call to all new readers to verify that the paper was delivered at the appropriate time, in the guaranteed location and in good condition • The staff responsible: • Customer services representatives will call new subscribers during off-peak customer services hours

  15. Tasks Who should be assigned to the Task when it is created What event or action creates the Task Is there an activity that should update this Task Should an e-mail be sent

  16. Tasks If more than one task is generated by this event, should this task always be created? Example, you could have a task for a complaint for customer services to call the customer, but also another task for a manager to call the carrier. If you state “Always”, both will be created. Hightest priority will only create the one with the highest priority. How many days before the task becomes “active”. If a start is entered on 9/24 you may want to wait to call them a few days after the start.

  17. Tasks Starts can create a task for a suspended start due to it having no route, or for not receiving a payment. Yes = Always. No = No tasks for suspended starts. Only = Only when the start is suspended. Can specify a specific product(s), or * (all) How many days must pass before another task is created. Example, End Grace you may not want to select the same subscriber again until a certain period passes.

  18. Tasks

  19. Tasks Process Log Alert will create one task for the Event or Process Just errors, or warnings, fatal messages or * for all No specifics

  20. Tasks One Task per error Provides the detail of the specific error

  21. Tasks • My Tasks is my “queue” • All Tasks is for supervisors to allow them to reassign, change priorities, due dates, and delete To view your own queue, My Tasks or to see all in the groups you are assigned, Group Tasks

  22. Tasks • Own a Task Use this option to “own” the Task and remove it from the Group

  23. Tasks • Retrieving Random Tasks • Task Groups can be set up to have “random” user access • Tasks can be retrieve one at a time at random • Available if one of your assigned groups is set up for random access

  24. Tasks Reassign Complete Escalate

  25. Tasks Add notes such as “left voice mail with subscriber”. This is especially helpful when the Task is in a general group with more than one person working in the “queue”

  26. Tasks • Reassign • The owner of a Task can reassign to another user or a supervisor • Only a supervisor can reassign Tasks that are assigned to others • Escalate • A Task may be escalated if a customer asks to speak to a manager, for example • The escalation person is decided at the time that the Task is created in Setup

  27. Tasks • Completing Tasks • When a Task has been resolved, it can be flagged as completed • Completed Tasks will appear on the Completed tab Prompts for date range

  28. Tasks Customer Service Refresh Customer Service Detail Clear Start, Payment & Billing Change Restart & Delivery Schedule Change

  29. Tasks • User Statistics and User Audit

  30. Tasks • Overdue Tasks • Run Utilities – Overdue Tasks to identify Tasks past their due date and generate and alert

  31. Tasks • E-mail messages can be sent for Tasks • User Notification

  32. Tasks • Ability to specify a Task Message for any automatically created Task (2014) This message appears in the Task Detail

  33. Tasks • Alerts can be created to make an updated on a Task that is created if activity occurs after the Task is created • For example: If a Task is created when a new start is processed, an alert might be set up to add a note to the task if the subscriber then stops • Transaction entry and processing are the only two event types that can update tasks based on alerts

  34. Tasks • Alerts can update the Task in the following ways: • Add a note • Reprioritize the task • Reassign the task • Escalate the task • Complete the task • Send an e-mail message

  35. Tasks • Tasks are setup and maintained entirely in the Task Management menu • Can easily be set up in a day • Start small: Too many Tasks at one time will be overwhelming • Use the NEWSCYCLE Solutions 2014 User Manual as a guide for setup

  36. ` Thank you for attendingTasksTraining