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  1. Tasks

  2. Task: to kill a beast that count be killed with no weapons • Hercules solved it by choking him 1. The Lion of Nemea

  3. A nine headed creature • Lived in a swamp • One of the heads was immortal so every time Hercules would cut one head, two would grow in its place. • Hercules thought cleverly and burned the top of the head as soon as he cut it so it wont grow back. • When all had been chopped off he disposed of the one that was immortal by burying it securely under a great rock. 2. The Hydra from Lerna

  4. The third labor was to bring back alive a stage with horns of gold, scared to Artemis. • This took place in the forests of Ceynitia. • He could have killed it easily, but to take it alive was another matter and he hunted it a whole year before he succeeded. 3. The Ceryneian Hind

  5. Mission: to capture a great boar which had tis lair on Mount Erymanthus. • He chased the beast form one place to another unit it was exhausted, so then he drove it into the snow and trapped it 4. The Erymanthian Boar

  6. Task: to clean the Augean stables in a single day. • Complications: Augeas had thousands of cattle and their stalls had not been cleared out for years. • Action: he diverted the courses of two rivers and made them flow through the stables in a great flood that washed out the filth in no time. 5. The Augean Stables

  7. Mission: to drive away the Stmphalian birds, which were a plague to the people of Stymphalus. • Received Help? Yes, Athena helped him to drive them out of their coverts, and as they flew up Hercules shot them. 6. The Stymphalian Birds

  8. Task: to go to Crete and fetch from there the beautiful savage bull that Poseidon had given Minos. • Hercules mastered him, put him in a boat and brought him to Eurystheus. 7. The Creatan Bull

  9. Task: to get the man-eating mares of King Diomedes of Thrace. • Action: Hercules slew Diomedes first and then drove off the mares unopposed. 8. The horses of Diomedes

  10. Mission: to bring back Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. • Complications: Hera stirred up trouble by making the amazons to think that he was going to carry off their queen, and they charged down on his ship. Hercules kill the queen and taking the girdle. 9. The Amazons

  11. Tasks: to bring back to the cattle of Geryon, a monster with three bodies living on Erythia, a western island. • Hercules reached his way to the land at the end of the Mediterranean and he set up as a memorial of his journey two great rocks, called the pillars of Hercules. He got the oxen and took them to Mycenea. 10. The Cattle of Geryon

  12. Task: to bring back the Golden Apples of the Hesperides. • Plan: he went to ask Atlas to get the apples for him. He offered tot take upon himself the burden of the sky while Atlas was away. She gladly accepted. • Atlas however changed her mine and went to give the apples to Eurystheus instead. Hercules was successful at the end. 11. The Apples of the Hesperides

  13. Mission: to bring back Cerberus, the three headed dog up from Hades. • Permission was obtain by Pluto to go to the underworld. • He saved Theseus from the chair of Forgetfulness on his way down. • He used no weapons to overcome Cerberus. • He forced the terrible monster to submit to him and carried him all the way to the earth and on to Mycenae. • Jerks: Eurystheus, he did not want to keep the dog so told Hercules to take him back to Hades. 12. Cerberus

  14. THE END