World diabetes day
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World Diabetes Day 2016 – Eyes on Diabetes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diabetes is a problem with your body in which glucose level (Sugar level) in blood rise higher than normal. Normally people think that diabetes is not that serious disease. But in many countries diabetes increases many complications in body likeblindness, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and lower-limb amputation. Even one in two adults with diabetes is undiagnosed. So on 14ht November people around the world come together to celebrate world diabetes day to raise awareness of diabetes.\nScreening and diagnosis for diabetes complications is an important part of effective management of the disease. Indus Health Plus provides best preventive health checkup packages such as heart checkup, full body checkup packages, fitness checkup, annual corporate checkup, executive checkup, couple checkup and family health checkup at 50% less than market cost with same day reports.\n\nGet avail health checkup packages at\nCall Us: 0-90490-22222\n

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World diabetes day

World Diabetes Day

14 November 2016

World Diabetes Day 2016

  • World Diabetes Day is on 14th Nov 2016

  • Started it in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) & WHO

  • 14thNov is also the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who co-discovered Insulin

  • In 2006, World Diabetes Day became an official United Nations Day

  • Represented by a blue circle logo worldwide

World Diabetes Day 2016 - Eyes on Diabetes

  • The theme of World Diabetes Day 2016 is Eyes on Diabetes

  • Key message is that screening plays a crucial role in diabetes management

Eyes on Diabetes - Why?

  • One in two adults with diabetes is undiagnosed

  • Up to 70% of type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented or delayed by proper screening and diagnosis

  • Poor nutrition intake and physical inactivity among children is increasing type 2 diabetes in childhood.

  • Soon childhood diabetes will be a global public health issue leading serious health outcomes

  • The number of people with diabetes in low- and middle-income countries is increasing

  • Screening and diagnosis for diabetes complications is an important part of effective management of the disease, to ensure optimal health

  • The year’s activities focus the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications

What is Diabetes

  • A disease that occurs when blood sugar levels are very high

  • Leads to health problems like heart disease, vision problems, kidney disease & nerve damage

  • 1 in 4people are unaware that they are suffering from diabetes

  • Lack of awareness about diabetes, can lead to complications such as blindness, amputation and kidney failure

Types of Diabetes

There are mainly 2 types of diabetes

Type 1

Type 2

Diabetes is called Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is called Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

  • A third type of diabetes is Gestational diabetes which is first recognized during pregnancy. It is characterized by hyperglycaemia, or raised levels of blood sugar.

7 Diabetes Facts

There is an emerging global epidemic of diabetes

Diabetes is rapidly increasing because of overweight, obesity and physical inactivity

Total deaths from diabetes are projected to rise by more than 50% in the next 10 years

Type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 1 diabetes, and accounts for around 90% of all diabetes cases worldwide

Reports of type 2 diabetes in children - previously rare - have increased worldwide

Diabetes can be prevented

30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity

and a healthy diet can drastically reduce the risk

of developing type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Statistics in India

  • Diabetes in India is gaining the status of a potential epidemic

  • More than 62 million Indians are diagnosed with diabetes

  • By 2030 the number of Indians suffering from diabetes will increase to 79.4 million

  • In India diabetes prevalence rate in top cities is:

  • Kolkata - 11.7%

  • Delhi - 11.4%

  • Mumbai - 9.3%

  • Chennai - 13.5%

Diabetes Causes

  • Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which body’s own immune system destroys the beta cells of pancreas

  • In type 1 diabetes beta cells of pancreas are destructed & they produce less or no insulin

  • Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, a condition in which insulin in not utilized effectively

  • Genes also play an important role in Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms

  • Frequent urination especially at night

  • Excessive thirst

  • Excessive fatigue

  • Unintentional weight loss

  • Blurred vision

  • Wound healing prolonged for even minor cuts & wounds

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by :

  • Maintain healthy body weight

  • Exercise

  • Eat whole grain products

  • Avoid sugary beverages

  • Limit intake of red meat

  • Quit smoking if you are a smoker

Diabetes Diet

  • Diabetic diet should include carbohydrates, fats & proteins in the ratio of 60:20:20

  • Calorie intake per day should be between 1500 to 1800 calories

  • Two servings of milk in a day

  • High fibre vegetables

  • Fruits high in fibre

  • Whole grains, oats & high

  • fibre foods

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