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Creately Diagramming for FogBugz PowerPoint Presentation
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Creately Diagramming for FogBugz

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Creately Diagramming for FogBugz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creately is now available as a Plugin for FogBugz so your team can communicate clearly by easily creating and attaching diagrams within Fogbugz.

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Presentation Transcript

Creately Diagramming

For FogBugz

Visual Collaboration

Text-Based Collaboration


Having trouble getting everyone on the same page on your software projects?

Creately for FogBugzPlugin lets you communicate and document projects visually.


Why Creately for FogBugzPlugin?

  • A picture is worth 1000 words.
  • With direct integration into the FogBugz platform you can easily add flowcharts, wireframes and other diagrams to your FogBugz Cases and Wiki pages.
  • Keep project documentation up to date ‘coseveryone can edit diagrams in your Project Wiki.
  • Include comments and notes within the diagrams to explain everything you've drawn clearly. 
  • Even your Clients can create diagrams on and share them with you to easily attach to your FogBugzcase.

See the big picture by adding Flowcharts, Wireframes, UML and any other diagrams into your FogBugz Case.


Write better software specifications with Creately for FogBugz by including UML, Use Cases, Mockups and Flowcharts in your Project Wiki.

Project documentation stays up-to-date 'cos everyone can directly insert and edit diagrams in the Project Wiki.


Deliver software projects faster with less confusion on your team.

Now, everyone can see what needs to be done.

Everyone’s on the same page!


Interactive features and extensive shape sets make diagramming so easy with Creately.

Include Comments& Notes in your diagrams. Great for Project reviews.


Write Better Software with

Creately for FogBugz

Download a

Free 14 day trialnow