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Sentence Diagramming

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Sentence Diagramming. Part 2: Verbs & Verb Phrases. Verb: It ’ s Not Just Action!. Verbs express action or a “ state of being . ” Examples:. Action. “ State of Being ”. run. was. jumped. am. were. shout. bought. is. Verbs Phrases: Not Just One Word!.

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Sentence Diagramming

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    1. Sentence Diagramming Part 2: Verbs & Verb Phrases

    2. Verb: It’s Not Just Action! • Verbs express action or a “state of being.” • Examples: Action “State of Being” run was jumped am were shout bought is

    3. Verbs Phrases: Not Just One Word! • Verbs can be simple (One Word) or complex (Verb Phrases). • Examples: One Word Verb Phrases laughed was laughing was should have bought is running cooked am studying donate Practice: English Workshop pages 91-92 and 111-112

    4. Verbs & Sentence Diagrams • Does this change diagramming? • No; verbs always go on the baseline, immediately to the right of the vertical line. • Verb Phrases always stay together on the baseline. • Let’s see how our knowledge of verb phrases changes the way we diagram sentences. • First, a review:

    5. A Quick Review: Basic Diagrams • Every diagram begins with a baseline • The simple subject and the verb are placed on the baseline. • Next, the simple subject and the verb are split in two with a vertical line Example: The baseball team ran onto the field. team ran Simple Subject Verb

    6. Simple Diagrams: Simple Verbs • Pujols hit a grand slam. Pujols hit Simple subject Verb • Bush Stadium is very old. Stadium is Simple subject Verb • The pitcher threw a strike. pitcher threw Simple subject Verb

    7. More Diagrams: With Verb Phrases! • The sentences below have verb phrases: Example: Tony LaRusa was yelling at the pitching coach. Tony LaRusa was yelling Subject Verb Phrase Example: Reggie Sanders should have caught the ball. Reggie Sanders should have caught Subject Verb Phrase

    8. More Practice: Verbs & Verb Phrases! • The White Sox are beating the Angels. White Sox are beating Subject Verb Phrase • The Cardinals defeated the Astros. Cardinals defeated Subject Verb • The umpire was not watching the game. umpire was not watching Subject Verb Phrase