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Mary Queen Of Scots

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Mary Queen Of Scots. By Arun Nair. Introduction. Mary Queen of Scots was born on December 8 1542. Her mother was Mary of Guise and her father was King James the fourth of Scotland. . Early Life.

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Mary Queen of Scots was born on December 8 1542. Her mother was Mary of Guise and her father was King James the fourth of Scotland.

early life

Early Life

Queen Mary’s father James the fourth had died just after 6 days of her birth. So she was the queen when she was 6 days old. Her mother, who was French, sent her daughter to France to get a good education. She stayed at the French King’s Court.

King Henry II of France

marriage death of husband

Marriage & Death of Husband

When she was 15 she married the French Kings son Francois II. But just after 1 year her husband died and she had to return back to Scotland in 1561.

2 nd marriage

2nd Marriage

She had married her cousin Lord Darnley but soon found out that he was a drunkard. He even killed Mary’s secretary David Riccio by stabbing him 56 times. However, in June 1566, Mary gave birth to a baby boy called James. He was to become the king of England when Elizabeth died in 1603.

3 rd marriage

3rd Marriage

On February 9th 1567, Mary and Darnley was at a house called Kirk O'Field.That night, Kirk O'Field was blown up. Darnley's body was found in the garden of the house. He had been strangled. Just three months later, Mary married Lord Bothwell. Bothwell escaped from when there was a war about his marriagebut he died. Mary was arrested and held prisoner at Lochleven Castle. 

prisoner again

Prisoner again !

Mary later escaped from her prison and she fled to England where she hoped her cousin, Elizabeth, would look after her. Mary was Catholic and that was a problem for Elizabeth. So she put Mary in prison for 19 years in various places.

clever coding

Clever Coding

In 1586, a man called Anthony Babington made a plot to kill Elizabeth, rescue Mary and then see her as the next queen of England. He wrote in code to Mary to explain what he was doing. Mary wrote back, stating that she agreed with what he was doing. Walsingham's spies spied both letters. Babington was arrested and in September 1586, Babington was executed. Now the government had a case against Mary.



She was put on trial in October 1586.

Mary defended herself well but the judges found her guilty. The trial lasted just 2 days.Mary was found guilty of plotting to kill Elizabeth. She was sentenced to death. In February 1587, Mary was given just 24 hours notice that she would be executed the next day.