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Adoption. Public Domestic Adoption in Canada Public domestic adoption refers to any adoption arranged by a public or government agency such as the Children's Aid Society. Adopting through a public agency is much more tightly controlled than going through a private agency .

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  • Adopting through a public agency is much more tightly controlled than going through a private agency.

  • As a prospective adoptive parent, you have fewer choices. The focus of public agencies is on the safety and welfare of the child.

  • As a result, the priority is in finding the right set of parents for a child rather than the right child for a set of parents.


  • The CostsThere are usually no costs involved in adopting through a public agency


  • Private Domestic Adoption in Canada

  • Private domestic adoption refers to any adoption within Canada that is not arranged by a public agency.

  • "Private" in this context doesn't mean that the adoption is done quietly or in secret. In fact, most private domestic adoptions nowadays are open adoptions.

Article surrogate mom
Article – Surrogate mom

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  • The Process

  • The key difference is that in private adoption the wait for a healthy newborn is much shorter and prospective adoptive couples (and birth mothers) have much more control over the process than with public adoption

The costs
The Costs

  • The fees for a private domestic adoption vary considerably and can run anywhere from about $10,000-20,000.

  • The variation depends on how quickly or easily you can find a child, what method you use to do this, and where the child lives.