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How to keep cut carnation flower in India fresh for a longer time?

Find out how to keep cut carnation flower in India fresh for a longer time. Visit:

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How to keep cut carnation flower in India fresh for a longer time?

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  1. Call : + 91 879 388 4455 / 66

  2. Flowers are the best gift one can receive. If you receive carnation flowers delivery from your dear ones then follow some simple tricks to keep your carnations flower bouquet last longer and enjoy the vibrant colors in your house or office. Call : + 91 879 388 4455 / 66

  3. How to take care of carnation flowers in India • Carnation flowers can live for several weeks even after being cut. Like any other flower, carnations will last even longer with proper care. To keep cut carnations looking beautiful for up to three weeks, provide them with a healthy environment and keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources or cold drafts. Call : + 91 879 388 4455 / 66

  4. Change Water Regularly Cut flower should be kept in room temperature water as it is easier for flowers to absorb. You can also use distilled water as it is low in mineral content which helps to keep the carnation flowers fresh for longer. Fill the flower vase with clean distilled water at least every other day. Call : + 91 879 388 4455 / 66

  5. Cut Stem • Before placing the carnation flower in a vase, cut the stem at a 45-degree angle, taking off an inch or two from the bottom of the stems. Do this at least twice a week under running tap water as it prevents air from getting into the stem. Remove any leaves from the part of the stems below the waterline; this can help prevent bacteria from breeding. Re-cut the stems each time you change the water. Call : + 91 879 388 4455 / 66

  6. Clean the Vase • Clean the flower vase thoroughly to protect against the growth of bacteria. Wash the vase in hot soapy water and rinse. Add 1/4 tsp. household bleach per quart of water. The bleach destroys bacteria, helping to keep the water clear. If you don’t add an antibacterial agent to the water, bacteria and fungi feed on the sap that leaks from cut flower stems. As bacteria multiply, they clog the openings of the tubes in the stem. This prevents water from getting to the flower. You can also place an aspirin tablet and a copper penny in the bottom of the vase. The aspirin works as an acidifier, while the penny acts as a fungicide to keep the water from getting cloudy. Make sure the penny is made of copper and not simply copper-coated. Call : + 91 879 388 4455 / 66

  7. Feed • Prepare flower food at home by adding 1 table spoon of sugar of Lemon or lime soda to the water. Mix1 tbsp. sugar or mix 1 part lemon-lime soda with 3 parts water. Do not use diet sodas since these do not contain sugar. Sugar is similar to the natural nutrients flowers get from the soil and will help your carnations last longer. Call : + 91 879 388 4455 / 66

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