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Fresh Thinking the new world of tv PowerPoint Presentation
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Fresh Thinking the new world of tv

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Fresh Thinking the new world of tv - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Table19's latest Fresh Thinking session was an update on the future of TV and how we are changing how we watch.

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Fresh Thinking the new world of tv

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Fresh Thinking -The new world of tv 19 July 2013

    2. A brief history of viewing entertainment…. Post-war era: incomes rise, new leisure activities, tv’s become more accessible Falling cinema admissions -> cinema closures -> more cinema closures… Rise of TV & VCRs…. Slight resurgence in cinema driven by the introduction of the multiplex It’s a Wonderful Life 30.1m views viewers 36.5% have TV 97.3% have TV 32m viewers 32m viewers Multiplex VCR Source: BARB, BFI

    3. Tv’s evolutionary steps 1. SIMPLE TV 2. MULTI-CHANNEL 5. CLOUD 3. MULTI-FUNCTION 4. CONNECTED & CONVERGED Source: DLUK Forum, 18.7.13, Nigel Walley

    4. Tv’s evolutionary steps 1. SIMPLE TV 2. MULTI-CHANNEL 5. CLOUD 3. MULTI-FUNCTION 4. CONNECTED & CONVERGED NOW Source: DLUK Forum, 18.7.13, Nigel Walley

    5. There are 5 TYPES OF CONNECTED TV • Pay TV Platforms • Free TV Platforms • Integrated Smart TV Screen • Complementary Device (on TV) • Complementary Device

    6. Tv certainly isn’t deaD. BUT IT IS CHANGING…

    7. And we’re changing how we watch… Catch up TV Video on Demand Source: TV Licensing Together they are increasing the amount of TV people are watching and catch up tv is extending tv viewing later into the night

    8. BUT not as fast as some might think 89.7% of television viewing in UK took place at time of broadcast (2012) ‘As easy as it is to time-shift viewing, people still largely want to be in the moment when choosing what to watch. (BARB)’ Spokesperson for Thinkbox: ‘We watch linear TV to share the live experience with others and, sometimes, because we don’t know what we want to watch and can’t motivate ourselves to search for something. The schedules are expertly and lovingly curated for us and remain the trusted first port of call. We watch on-demand to fit all our TV into our busy lives and to catch-up when we’ve missed things – or when an on-demand subscription to a service like Netflix is the only way to watch something. Linear is convivial, VOD is controllable, both are satisfying and together they are increasing the amount of TV people are watching. Neither is a threat to the other.’

    9. we’re get used to looking at more than one screen – but which one is the second screen? 70% 49% 20% The beta data from ComScore's Device Essentials shows tablets now account for an impressive 8 per cent of all UK web traffic, with 23.4 per cent of traffic coming from mobile in general. Read more at http://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2013/05/29/how-deliver-best-web-experience-users-tablet-web-browsing-booms#zbPQQwzPWtGeUs1Y.99 Sources: Google Insight, Yahoo! Research 2012, Nielsen

    10. more devices are giving us more ways to watch

    11. AND we have the option of Streaming or downloading STREAMING DECODER DRM RTSP DOWNLOAD HTTP

    12. 8 Examples of ‘new tv’

    13. 1. Entertainment on 2 screens – XBOX 360 Smartglass Dynamic content – map of Westeros whilst watching Game of Thrones Augmented & synchronised experiences Remember TV is a relaxing experience – needs to be seamless/easy

    14. 2. Second Screen Connectivity http://www.intrasonics.com/videos.html


    16. 4. ZeeBOX – Social tv within sky+ app


    18. 6. YOUTUBE playlists The user becomes the programmer/curator. Create and share bespoke channels http://www.youtube.com/channels

    19. 7. SKY EPG (effectively an on demand Website on your TV)

    20. conclusions • The way we’re watching is changing but content is (and always will be) king • Live TV is still the most popular way to view – and will continue to be important (people want to be in the moment) • TV will continue to be more interactive • Active v Passive experience – content, mood • Triggers at key points in the content will trigger an action on another device e.g. character wearing > buy now • Consumers crave a more streamlined, simple user experience • We’ll see more play along/influence with what’s on TV - Choose your own adventure? / Live in programme voting, real-time influence over content • Be your own TV curator will become more mainstream - Branded content, customised second screen