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Benefits of eating an apple a day >> Import Nutrition

If you want to make sure you stay healthy, you should definitely consider eating your fruits. Apples have so many benefits for your health. Find out some health benefits of eating an apple a day.

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Benefits of eating an apple a day >> Import Nutrition

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  1. Benefits of eating an apple a day • Staying healthy is not necessarily as complicated as it might seem. Sometimes it really is the simplest solutions that are the best, and if you want to make sure you stay healthy, you should definitely consider eating your fruits. Apples in particular have so many benefits for your health, that there really is no wonder “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. When you plan your meals for the day, you should always include a delicious, crunchy apple. Numerous studies over the years have shown that the health benefits of eating apples truly are remarkable.  Import Nutrition

  2. Benefits of eating an apple a day • Here are some of the reasons of eating an apple a day. • Apples are packed with Antioxidants. In fact, USDA scientists conducted a study in 2012 comparing the antioxidant levels of different foods. The apples Granny Smith and Red Delicious were number 12 and 13 on the list of the top 100. Antioxidants have numerous health benefits including preventing the molecules to oxidize and therefore fighting free radicals. • Apples help to reduce your cholesterol by allowing its fibers to bind with the fat cells, and due to the high levels of pectin found in apples. • Apples reduce the risk of stroke. • They also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease due to the antioxidant “quercetin” which protects the brain cells from degenerating. • Apples are high in potassium, which helps stabilising blood pressure. By eating an apple a day, you will provide your body with enough potassium to prevent stroke according to several studies. Import Nutrition

  3. Benefits of eating an apple a day • Researches • Researches from University of California – Davis conducted a study where a control group were to eat and drink two apples or two glasses of apple juice a day to see if it had any effect on the oxidation process. This process is part of building up plaque, which leads to various heart diseases. The study showed that eating the apples had a very positive effect after only six weeks, and they therefore stated that apples does wonders to the health of our hearts. • Studies conducted by Aberdeen University showed that children drinking apple juice would get reliefs from the symptoms of asthma because apples helps calm inflammation in the airways. • Another amazing benefit of eating apples is that it is the only food that contains the flavonoid called Phloridzin, which has been proven to protect women against osteoporosis. • Many health problems are linked to overweight and poor diets. A diet rich in fibers are crucial in order to maintain a healthy weight, and as we all know; apples are very rich in fibers. Import Nutrition

  4. Benefits of eating an apple a day • Researches • Apples are also great to boost your immune system, and this will help your body stay healthy and protect itself from various threats. Additional natural nutrition supplements helps you to be more resistant to most of known virus. • Apples helps our dental health and can aid in removing foods that are stuck between our teeth. Not only is the acid found in apples good for preventing coffee stains and other discolouring’s, it also whitens our teeth in the process. Overall, apples are great for bettering our health and protecting our entire system against preventable diseases by not only healing issues that might occur, but also preventing the issues to manifest in the first place. Countless studies have testified for the various health benefits we get from eating apples, and they should therefore have a solid place in our everyday diets. • Read More Please Visit Our Blog Post - https://goo.gl/aDIabk Import Nutrition

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