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TEAM RACING SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL. Becoming an ENDURO team sponsor is a big step for any company, regardless of size or budget. We takes great pride in making sure each sponsor ’ s expectations are greatly exceeded.

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our desire

Becoming an ENDURO team sponsor is a big step for any company, regardless of size or budget. We takes great pride in making sure each sponsor’s expectations are greatly exceeded.

Our team becomes an extension of the marketing department of our sponsoring corporations or organizations. Our involvement can be as extensive as our sponsors desire and can include everything from television, printed media, show dirtbike appearances, and driver and team appearances to sponsor promotions and other marketing services.

Our team is picky about who it accepts sponsorship from, those who do share the vision and philosophy of the team will receive a non-stop professional effort from the rider, crew and office staff. We guarantee we will work hard and represent each sponsor with dedication, devotion and integrity, regardless of the size of their sponsorship contract.

Our Desire.....
our mission

Our team is a lot like other race teams on the surface, our true mission each weekend is to do more than entertain ENDURO fans from around Indonesia.

The team, rider and crew spend much of their race weekends promoting events at the track and surrounding communities, and we take our performance off the track just as important as our on-track success.

Speaking engagements, our dirtbike appearances, practice and other events are a regular part of the weekly routine for the team.

Our mission is to share that good news by promoting sponsorships from companies of good moral standing and providing a positive example of sportsmanship to all who are watching.

Our Mission.....
our rider

We have several riders which have an experiences in enduro and motocross event such as:

    • PitersTanujaya, ex national crosser and had win several motocross championships
    • Fahmi Ahmad Fauzi, our enduro man, which win in Champ of the Champ Enduro Championship in Limo Circuit as well as a champion for 2,5 hours enduro at PondokCabe
    • Aldy Reynolds, is a partner for Fahmi Ahmad Fauzi. In addition, Aldy also a champion of local class enduro in Champ of The Champ Enduro Championship, in Limo Circuit as well as a champion for JF Sulfur Enduro Race.
    • Beside our racers as above, there are several riders for every class of championships, included E1, E2 and Executive Class (age > 40 years old)
Our Rider.....
our team

Director : Imam Rusli Djamlari

  • Manager : Deddy Adisudharma
  • Finance : Adwin Aditya
  • Promotion : Riky Rukmantara
  • Chief Mechanic : M. Satia
  • Support : Lucky Lukmanul

Hakim, Ade Sultadi

  • Riders
    • E1 – Open/FFA : Piters Tanujaya
    • E1 – Hobby : Fahmi Ahmad Fauzi,

Aldy Reynolds

    • E1 – Lokal : Daru Bawono,

Boni Wisnuwardana

    • E2 – Open/FFA : Asep Hokky
    • E2 – Hobby : Riky Rukmantara
    • Eksekutif : Imam Rusli, Deddy Dogel
  • BASE : Jl. Sumbawa No. 28


Our Team.....
our values

Our Rides:

Transportation : 1 unit Toyota Kijang

1 unit Isuzu Panther

1 unit Motorcycle Trailer

We have calculate that our team values worth than Rp. 600.000.000,-

Our Values.....
our sponsorship program

We recognizes that becoming a successful Enduro team sponsor means more than just having your logo splashed across the hood of a dirt bike on every race

We understand that the on-track recognition a sponsor gets from its participation is just an introduction to the potential benefits a sponsorship package with us can include.

Sponsorship Value calculated from race budget for 1 year and team nett worth which count more than Rp. 600.000.000,-

Our professional marketing program can include:

Our Sponsorship Program.....

Dirtbike sponsorship

Prices vary widely based on the amount of exposure a potential sponsor desires and in what division it chooses to race.

  • Rider, Crew and Mechanic Appearances

We would agree to schedule its riders at an agreed-upon number of appearances for the sponsor’s scheduled events, fairs, festivals, corporate outings and other events. Some of our rides could be used to promote the sponsor’s products and services away from the track at scheduled events.

  • Apparel Line

The team, with direct involvement from the sponsor, could create and market a complete product line of apparel and race merchandise to broaden the sponsor’s name and image recognition among fans. The sponsor also could receive joint marketing rights to the team, its images, logos and likenesses to create its own line of apparel or merchandise.

  • Custom Crew and Riders Jersey

The team and riders also could be fitted with custom team uniforms which would promote the sponsor’s message to all fans at the track and watching via television on race day. Uniforms could carry the sponsor’s logos, colors, designs and include their website address, phone numbers or other identifying marks.

  • Car Hauler Paint Scheme

The team’s tractor trailer could feature a sponsor design paint scheme and become a traveling billboard for the sponsor’s products or services as it travels the national racing circuit 10 months out of the year.


IMI K2S Enduro Series

4 series in Limo Circuit, Jakarta


5 series in several area in Indonesia such as:

Malang, Magelang, West Java, Banten, Medan

sponsorship placement1

Jersey, Mechanic and Crew

Sponsorship Placement.....

Rider Jersey

Apply for 9 brands only

Apply for 2 brands only

sponsorship package
Sponsorship Package.....

Package A: TITLE

Package B: SUB TITLE

Applied for 1 Company

Sponsorship Rp. 181.000.000,-

Value: Rp. 600.000.000,-

Applied for 2 Companies

Sponsorship Rp. 65.500.000,-

  • Content:
  • Rides,
  • Jersey,
  • Mechanic and Crew T Shirt
  • Tent Backdro
  • Content:
  • Rides,
  • Jersey,
  • Mechanic and Crew T Shirt

Package C: EACH

Applied if available