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SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL. Contacts Info: Yun Hernández: Tel: (787) 565-1606 Email: yhernandez_44@hotmail.com Jolizrox Martinez: Tel: (787)380-7164 Email : jolizrox@gmail.com. Event.

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sponsorship proposal


Contacts Info:

Yun Hernández:

Tel: (787) 565-1606

Email: yhernandez_44@hotmail.com

Jolizrox Martinez:

Tel: (787)380-7164

Email: jolizrox@gmail.com

  • Dog’s Caring Day will take place on June 11,2011. This event will be dedicated to our little friends who day by day bring happiness to our lives, brings love and take away loneliness. Even though many of them don’t have a home, there's a thousands of them dying in the streets, who suffer from hunger, cold and being ignored by society.

That's why this event is dedicated to them. We will count with educative sessions, health clinics, entertainment for the family and more interesting activities. And with your help we will greatly reduce the number of canines forgotten by society. We expects to recollect 10,000 dollars, this money will be donated to satitopr.com foundation who helps canines in streets to find a home.

  • Creat consciousness to people about the importance of this animals, that even though they don’t talk, they have feelings and they need a friendly hand.
  • To raise funds to abandoned dogs and find them a home.
  • Inform about dogs products, food, vaccinate, and how to take care and save them.
the organization
  • Satitopr.com contributestorescuevalues, creatingconscienseaboutthisproblem in Puerto Rico. Thatswhy, theyeducatesocietyabout:
  • Law 154, toprotectanimals.
  • Sterilization and castrationto control overpopulation.
  • Makepeoplewhoadoptdogsunderst, thatthey are part of thefamilycore, and theyhavetotreatdogswell.


  • Educational advertising campaign in different media, radio, press and television.
  • Achieve the creation of effective laws that would make an impact on the community.
  • Create a program to be distributed and implemented in each of the municipalities of Puerto Rico.

Integrate the Department of Education to the curriculum on the care of animals and the laws that protect them.

  • Create recreational spaces where they allow pets.
  • Producing activities that promote and foster the love and connection between animals and humans, creating a bond of affection and respect between them.More Information : www.satitopr.com
target spectators
  • This event is for dog lovers of all ages throughout the island. From families, singles and seniors who enjoy the company of them, even people who often depend on these friends.
media contacts involved
  • El Vocero
  • Radio
  • Tele Noticias
publicity messages possible
  • This event is expected to persons with a variety of ages and tastes, which is a great opportunity to promote your product and make the public know more about it.
  • Have great opportunities to expand its market and increase sales.

We invite you to be part of this wonderful event!

  • For any questions please contact us, we're here to help.