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Nuts and Bolts of Progress Monitoring

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Nuts and Bolts of Progress Monitoring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nuts and Bolts of Progress Monitoring. Response to Instruction and Intervention RtII. Benchmarking To screen and identify students who are at-risk and in need of interventions All students Three times a year All areas At grade-level. Progress Monitoring

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nuts and bolts of progress monitoring

Nuts and Bolts of Progress Monitoring

Response to

Instruction and Intervention


assessment in an rti model

To screen and identify students who are at-risk and in need of interventions

All students

Three times a year

All areas

At grade-level

Progress Monitoring

To monitor progress of individual students and determine rate of improvement and need for adaptation of intervention

Students who are not achieving benchmarks (PLP, IEP)

Weekly, biweekly, monthly assessments

In area of need

At instructional level

Assessment in an RTI model
progress monitoring
Progress Monitoring

Benefits of Progress Monitoring

  • Parents and students know what is expected
  • Teachers know what is working or not working with their instruction based on data
  • Easy to understand way to show parents progress
  • Teams have comprehensive data on student performance for decision making
dibels phoneme segmentation fluency
DIBELS Phoneme Segmentation Fluency



Taken from Fuchs, L. S., Hamlett, C. A., & Fuchs, D. (1998). Monitoring Basic Skills Progress: Basic Math Computation (2nd ed.). [computer program]. Austin, TX: ProEd.

Available: from

concepts and applications
Concepts and Applications

Sample page from a three-page test for Grade 2 Math Concepts and Applications

  • From Monitoring Basic Skills Progress
cbm writing
CBM - Writing

Total Words Written

Correct Word Sequences

Words Correctly Spelled

  • Graphing is an essential part of PM
  • Without graphic displays, the decision making process is difficult
  • Teacher graphing vs. Student graphing
hand graphing
Hand Graphing
  • Establish Baseline (Median score)
  • Set up graph
  • Set Goal
  • Draw Aimline
  • Measure Student Progress
  • Plot Student Performance
  • Connect Indicators of Student Performance
  • Analyze Student Performance
  • Make Instructional Changes
  • Continue to Measure and Monitor Student Performance
hand graphing2
Hand Graphing




Number of Words Read Correctly



Session 3

Session 4

Session 5


Session 1

Session 2

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Testing Sessions

hand graphing3

Easy to do

No technology required

Students can easily maintain their own graphs

Can be done immediately



Added paper

Organization required

No long-term storage

Not automatic

Hand Graphing
rebecca 2 nd grader
Rebecca 2nd grader
  • List all areas of concern:
    • Off-task behavior
    • Reading difficulties
    • Poor handwriting
  • Identify primary area of concern and define it in observable and measurable terms:
    • Reading
    • Definition: number words read correctly when reading a grade level passage orally
  • Collect baseline data on primary area of concern and state discrepancy statement:
    • Baseline data collected in reading using CBM reading probes

- Statement: Rebecca read 39 WRC per minute in Fall of 2nd grade. Benchmark is 52 WRC per minute for fall of 2nd grade.



The recommendation for Rebecca falls into the category of intensive support.

This refers to interventions that incorporate something more or something different from the

core curriculum or supplemental support.

Intensive support might entail:

• delivering instruction in a smaller group,

• providing more instructional time or

more practice,

• presenting smaller skill steps in instruction,

• providing more explicit modeling and instruction,

• providing greater scaffolding and practice.


Because students needing intensive support

are likely to have individual and sometimes unique needs,

it is important that their progress be monitored frequently and

their intervention modified

as needed

to ensure

adequate progress.