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Captain Andrew Jaggery —GUILTY of Murder PowerPoint Presentation
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Captain Andrew Jaggery —GUILTY of Murder

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Captain Andrew Jaggery —GUILTY of Murder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Captain Andrew Jaggery —GUILTY of Murder.

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In the 1800’s, Charlotte Doyle is a 13 year-old girl who is a proper young lady that comes from a rather affluent family. She boards a ship in Liverpool, England to journey to America where the remainder of her family has already taken up residence. Several other passengers that were supposed to make the journey with Charlotte got detained and could not make the voyage. Should she travel on a ship being the only young lady or should she wait for another voyage??


The captain aboard the Seahawk, Andrew Jaggery, is known for his unkind manner and harsh leadership. Should Charlotte trust Captain Jaggery or befriend the sailors who are in a lower social class? These choices will affect Charlotte not only for the remainder of the voyage but also for the remainder or her life. Rough seas, high adventure and even murder take place while she is aboard the Seahawk. Who murdered the first mate, Mr. Hollybrass? Was it Charlotte or Captain Jaggery?



  • RudyRoblero,
    • Khirey Stapleton, Rebekah Carroll (not pictured)


Kennedy Robison,

Davy Ray,

Jenna Smith

Corbin Yount as

Captain Andrew Jaggery


Jack Tars—Lauren Pell, DJ Needs, Zack Hayes, Sydney Surface, Mary Hannah Statzer, Noah Baxley, Madison Allen, Kellan Blair, Lexi Cottingham, Madison Cantwell, Matthew Salansky


Jurors—(seated) Shane Hess, Hailee Hunter, Reilly Schneider, Jade McDaniel, Melissa Campbell, Lorna Phelps

(standing) Derrick Carter, Ryan Shaver, Bob Zhao, Dallas Dawson, Noah Martin, Connor McCauley, Justin Stamper


Special Thanks to the “Judges”!!


Mr. T.J. Sewell


Dr. Rebekah Patrick