Academic at risk intervention
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Academic At-Risk Intervention. A Success Story. Standard A : The student will acquire the attitudes knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning across the lifespan . ASCA STANDARD. Student Competency. Improve Academic Self-Concept and Achieve School Success

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Asca standard l.jpg

Standard A:

The student will acquire the attitudes

knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning across the lifespan.


Student competency l.jpg
Student Competency

  • Improve Academic Self-Concept and Achieve

  • School Success

  • North Scott Benchmarks:

  • * The student will identify behaviors of

  • responsible, respectful and resourceful

  • student

  • * The student will demonstrate how

  • effort and persistence positively

  • affect learning.

Process data l.jpg

Who: 20

4th-6th Grade Students

What: Student Success

When: Daily

Where: Counselors Office

Process Data

Perception data l.jpg

A rubric was utilized to apply a score to students in 5 areas.

When the intervention began, 100% of the students received a score of 5 or below.

Perception Data

Results data l.jpg

At the end of first semester, areas.

95% of the students earned a score of 12 out of 15 or


Results Data

Results data9 l.jpg
Results Data areas.

  • At the beginning of first semester,all students scored 5 or below in the area of Homework Completion.

  • At the end of first quarter, all students scored 12 or above.

What students have to say about homework club l.jpg
What Students Have to Say About Homework Club areas.

  • “It’s inspiring, it helps me get my homework done” (Tyler, 5th Grade)

  • “Homework club taught me how to be responsible, I

  • think it can help anyone.”

  • ( Michael, 5th Grade)

  • “ Now I get my homework done, so I raised all my grades this year” (Alina, 6th Grade)

What homework club means to me l.jpg
What Homework Club areas.Means to Me

  • * “It’s a lot of fun, and I don’t get into trouble now

  • because I get my homework done” (Michael, 5th

  • Grade)

  • “ I think it’s the bomb! Last year I didn’t get

  • any homework done. This year I get all my

  • homework done and I have good grades!”

  • ( Kevin, 5th Grade)

  • This is my best year ever! I never knew I could

  • actually do it!” (Jake, 5th grade)

Implications l.jpg

  • The program was successful to all students involved

  • in the intervention

  • The program positively impacted academic achievement of all students involved

  • All students reported a positive experience, and felt they had succeed as a student this year

  • The data reflects that this has been a successful intervention and should continue.

Slide13 l.jpg

THANK YOU! areas.

To all the students

who participated in

Homework Club,

You Are A Success!!