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Democracy and Andrew Jackson

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Democracy and Andrew Jackson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Democracy and Andrew Jackson. From the War of 1812 to Pre-Civil War America. Theme of Today : What does it mean to be Democratic?. 3 Aspects of Democracy:. 1. Acting in the best interest of all People. 2. Promoting equality of all people. 3. Respecting the U.S. Constitution.

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democracy and andrew jackson

Democracy and Andrew Jackson

From the War of 1812 to Pre-Civil War America

theme of today what does it mean to be democratic
Theme of Today: What does it mean to be Democratic?

3 Aspects of Democracy:

1. Acting in the best interest of all People

2. Promoting equality of all people

3. Respecting the U.S. Constitution

the war of 1812
The War of 1812
  • United States vs. GREAT BRITAIN

-Why are they fighting?

-GB and France at war; US won’t take sides

-GB IMPRESSMENT of American sailors

-US declares war on GB even though we were completely unprepared

-US gets stomped; loses many battles, White House gets burned down

-War ends with no real GAINS for either side

so where does jackson fit in
So where does Jackson fit in?
  • The Battle of


Jackson leads U.S. troops in “the greatest U.S. victory of the war”,

Problem: The war had been over for two weeks

Jackson seen as war hero

"Gentlemen, the British are below the city! We must fight them tonight.“ Gen. Andrew Jackson

jackson s rise to power
Jackson’s rise to Power
  • Jackson’s victory makes him extremely popular, but he loses the election of 1824.

-Actually, Jackson won the POPULAR vote, but didn’t get a majority of electoral college votes. When the vote went to the House of Representatives, he lost to John Quincy Adams.

-Jackson begins campaigning immediately after the vote. He campaigns for 4 years and wins the election of 1828.

jackson the common man s president
Jackson: the “Common Man’s President”

Three Problem Areas

#1: SPOILS SYSTEM - After election, Jackson immediately removes 10 percent of all officeholders under his power and appoints his friends and supporters...known as “The Spoils System.”

#2 NATIVE AMERICAN Policies. Congress then passes Jackson’s Indian Removal Act, allowing Jackson to move Native Americans off their land and to reservations west of the Mississippi River.

#3 THE BANK War. Jackson vetoes legislation that would continue the Bank of the U.S. because he felt it was a “corrupt institution” of the rich northeasterners.

so was jackson democratic
So was Jackson Democratic?
  • The Spoils System

-Jackson removed 690 people from office and replaced them with friends and supporters - “to the VICTOR goes the spoils”

- Made decisions for personal GAIN!

so was jackson democratic1
So was Jackson Democratic?
  • Indian Removal Act

-Defying the SUPREME COURT, Jackson forced Native Americans from their homes and made them walk hundreds of miles.

-Thousands died on this “TRAILof Tears”.

- He claimed he was freeing up land for the American CITIZENS.

so was jackson democratic2
So was Jackson Democratic?
  • The Bank War

-Jackson felt the Bank was a “privileged institution” that served only the interests of the WEALTHY and did nothing for the common man…”too much power, too few hands.”

-Jackson VETOES the bank’s charter in 1836, and asked the Secretary of the Treasury to stop putting government money in the bank. When he refused, Jackson fired him and selected someone who would put money in state Banks (“Pet banks”)

-Results: New political party, the WHIGS, is created to oppose Jackson; Nation goes into a depression; Jackson ignores Checks and Balances; Constitutional problems.

jacksonian democracy
Democratic or not?

-Jackson’s goal was to help the COMMON man and take the government away from the rich elite. In many ways, he did that. However, in doing so he contradicted many of the basic ideas of the CONSTITUTION and challenged long-held beliefs about the makeup of American democracy. So the question remains, “Was Andrew Jackson democratic?” You must decide that for yourself.

Quote describing Andrew Jackson:

“No one likes him, except the people."

Jacksonian Democracy
theme of today what does it mean to be democratic1
Theme of Today: What does it mean to be Democratic?

3 Aspects of Democracy:

1. Acting in the best interest of all people.

2. Promoting equality of all people

3. Respecting the Constitution

using the information from the power point

Using the information from the Power Point…

Answer the following open response question…