To go to bed
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To go to bed. To fall asleep. He goes to bed. He falls asleep. To get up. To wake up. She wakes up. She gets up. teeth. To brush oneself. He brushes himself. hair. To take a shower. To wash oneself. He washes himself. To bathe oneself. She bathes herself. mirror. comb.

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Presentation Transcript
He goes to bed

To go to bed

To fall asleep

He goes to bed

He falls asleep

He goes to bed

To get up

To wake up

She wakes up

She gets up

He goes to bed


To brush oneself

He brushes himself


To take a shower

To wash oneself

He washes himself

He goes to bed

To bathe oneself

She bathes herself

He goes to bed



To comb oneself

He combs himself

He goes to bed

To put on make-up

She puts on make-up

To put on make-up


She puts on make-up

To dress oneself

She dresses herself

To put on clothes

She puts on clothes

He goes to bed

Orange juice




To sit down

She sits down

To eat breakfast

She eats breakfast