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The Importance of Touch PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Touch

The Importance of Touch

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The Importance of Touch

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  1. The Importance of Touch

  2. First touch... ''The importance of touch reaches many levels and not only for babies,but for children, teenagers, adults and in old age as well'' (Rabe, 2011-2013). The first language that babies understad is expressed through touch. Whenever they need something or feel, we commuicate with them by holding their hands, hugging or kissing them. All of these actions are included in the sence of touch.

  3. Human babies are not able to walk, crawl, talk or generally move on their own. Such sences as vision, taste, smell and hearing develop later by practise and with the help of elders. Likewise the touch exists when we are still in the womb. The fetus moves away from a probe's touch. That shows how this sence is important for our survival.

  4. Social Life ''Things like early sexual activity, violence, depression and eating disorders all appear because of an unmet need for positive and loving touch'' (Rabe, 2011-2013). It is extremely important to show your family member, friend or a lover how much you care and love him or her. One never knows what is happening in someone's life. Sometimes simple and sincere hug can cheer up a person.''It is so visible how connected or disconnected any group is, and often touch is much more accurate than words in letting someone know how you feel'' (Market Street Psychotherapy, 2010)

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