The importance of plumbing
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The Importance of Plumbing. Moving Society Forward. Community’s Water Source. Humans require potable water to survive More people in a community requires more clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing

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The importance of plumbing

The Importance of Plumbing

Moving Society Forward

Community s water source
Community’s Water Source

  • Humans require potable water to survive

  • More people in a community requires more clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing

  • Waste water must not contaminate the potable water

Photo courtesy of UNICEF

Water a precious commodity
Water – A Precious Commodity

  • 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water

  • Only 2.5% is Fresh Water

  • Only 0.77% is easily available as Potable Water

Source: UTEP

Plumbing systems
Plumbing Systems

  • The advent of plumbing systems allowed people to live together in larger communities as fresh water could easily come in and waste water was removed.

  • Little consideration was given to the community downstream

Water pipe made from lead

in Pompeii ruins

More people more human waste
More People = More Human Waste

  • Outhouses or Privies used to be the norm

  • Improvements in plumbing allowed for many waterborne diseases to be controlled by removing the contaminated water from the potable water

Modern plumbing
Modern Plumbing

  • Indoor Plumbing Systems

    • Bring clean water

Modern plumbing1
Modern Plumbing

  • Indoor Plumbing Systems

    • Bring clean water

    • Carry away waste water and clean it before it is returned to the environment

Historical plumbing innovations1
Historical Plumbing Innovations

Graphic courtesy of American Standard Brands

Increased life expectancy
Increased Life Expectancy

  • Reduced infant mortality

  • Adults live longer

  • Better sanitation creates better hygiene, which allows children to remain healthier and attend schools regularly

  • Many gains from the Industrial Revolution of the 1800’s can be attributed to a healthier population

Increased life expectancy1
Increased Life Expectancy


Source: US Center for Disease Control

Natural disasters show importance of plumbers
Natural Disasters Show Importance of Plumbers

  • Infrastructure

    • Big Underground Fresh Water Pipes

    • Waste Treatment Facilities

    • Salt Water Contamination of Fresh Water

  • In Home/Schools/Businesses

    • Broken Water Pipes

    • Broken Gas Lines

    • Broken Sewer Lines

There are many different types of plumbers
There are many different types of Plumbers

  • Highly skilled trades people

  • Contractors install pipes and fixtures

  • Engineers design the projects to ensure correct water pressure and volume flow

  • Inspectors make sure it is done correctly

World plumbing day
World Plumbing Day

  • Plumbing Benefits Everyone

  • March 11, Every Year, Everywhere