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Flat planning + draft PowerPoint Presentation
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Flat planning + draft

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Flat planning + draft - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flat planning + draft
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  1. Flat planning + draft By Josh Steptoe

  2. Front cover Sub heading / other smaller stories title Date/issue number Quote or extract from interview Image of artist Related to other stories in the magazine. Related to other stories Competition Barcode and price

  3. DPS Title of magazine Title of artist/ brief information about the artist Big image of artist Interview with artist Quote or extract from magazine

  4. Contents Contents page title Text aligned along the left Magazine details Sub headings Information to match the sub headings. Big image Competition details and prize information

  5. Double page spread Article Draft

  6. Results of survey For this survey I asked a range of people aging from about 16-24 about what they would expect in a hip hop magazine. What style of double page spread would you expect in a hip hop magazine? Picture in centre 50% Picture taking up 1 full page text on other 50% What colour scheme of text, fonts backgrounds etc would you expect? Red, white and other 20% Black and white 20 % Other 60 % ( a wide range of colours where suggested) What price would you be willing to pay? £2.00 and under 0% £2.00-£3.00 60% £3.00 and over 40% What images would you expect on the front cover and double page spread? Image of artist 100%

  7. Style of double page spread The style of double page spread that I am going to use in my hip hop magazine is to have the picture taking up most of one page and the text on the other. Although the results of the survey where 50-50 I am going for this one because I feel it is more simplistic and would appeal more to big hip hop fans as the artist will be the big centre of attention. The reason I have chose this is because it is popular with the age of people that I am hoping to aim my magazine towards and therefore would be more appealing. Also because of the results I will be using an image of an artist for this double page spread as this seems to be very appealing also according to my survey results.

  8. Here are some examples of the style I will be using

  9. Tell us about your childhood and birthplace etc. I heard somewhere you used to go to a school in the town of Bedworth? • Yes Bedworth is a small town in Warwickshire and that was where I was born and raised, I went to a school called Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College which wasn’t the best school but it was ok could of been worse I suppose. What about your family, who did you live with? • I lived with my mum, dad, sister and brother and my sister is 8 years younger and my brother 5 years older. Let’s move on the music now the, you started off making YouTube videos is that true? • Yes I started off by uploading me singing my own songs and that was where I really got started in my career. I roughly uploaded around 15 songs before I signed my record deal and I had 10000 subscribers, unfortunately after signing my deal I had to delete the YouTube channel. Which record company did you sign with and could you let us in to any inside clauses of the contract? • The company I signed with was Defjam records, they are well known in the hip hop industry and it has been a very exciting time since I signed the contract. The only clause was that I had to delete my YouTube account and that was it. On your new album you did a lot of collaborations with so many big name artists, which artist did you enjoy collaborating the most with? • All of them where good but just because of the legend he is ‘Eminem’ has to be my favourite, he wrote his bit designed the beat and also directed the video, for me he is the best artist in the world. If I had to choose a British artist then it would have to be Tinietempah as he is such an inspiration to me as he shot to fame out of nowhere then smashed 2010. When did you reach the 20 million single sales mark? • I think it was November 2009, we all celebrated it with a big party in Las Vegas, and it was an unforgettable night.