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Boring Booth Syndrome! PowerPoint Presentation
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Boring Booth Syndrome!

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Boring Booth Syndrome! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Avoid. Boring Booth Syndrome!. yawn. Presented by. SAMSUNG AUSTIN SEMICONDUCTOR. Table of Contents. The 18 th Annual College & Career Expo is just about here. We hope that this short presentation of ideas will help you get the most in engaging the Expo attendees with your offering!

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Boring Booth Syndrome!

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How to Avoid

Boring Booth Syndrome!


Presented by


table of contents
Table of Contents
  • The 18th Annual College & Career Expo is just about here. We hope that this short presentation of ideas will help you get the most in engaging the Expo attendees with your offering!
  • Capturing Attention at your Booth
  • Engaging your Audience
  • Equipping your Booth
  • Providing Career Pathing Information
  • Obtaining Contact Information and Following Up
  • Listing of Schools that Attended in 2013
  • Expo Contact Information

Capturing Attention at your Booth!

A few basics can make the experience memorable and unique so that attendees can't resist coming in to learn more about your company, industry or school...

Booth Theme

Themed for your industry or pick something else fun…Polynesian, Star Wars, Western

…why not?

Post Blurbs on Booth Walls

Careers at your company or degree programs at

your school

Tall Things

flags, balloons, a spinning wheel, banners… what can you place high up that attendees will



Capturing Attention at your Booth!


The click of a spinning wheel, music, a video, pretending you’re a circus barker…

Unusal Booth Shape

Set up diagonally or put your table at the back of the booth…people will notice and they’ll walk in


A gobo with your logo or other interesting image?

If you require




Contact Esther Johnson



Capturing Attention at your Booth!

Maybe some folks

go a little too far…

…maybe not?


Engaging Your Audience

Engage People!

Be friendly and

SHOWWhat You Do

Don’t rely on brochures. If you do

robotics, bring a robot!

Healthcare? A blood

pressure cuff or

Resusci Annie…etc.!

don’t sit back doing email on your phone, ignoring


Make it Interactive

You are engaging today’s 17-year-olds.

Incorporate a quick board game, a wheel of fortune,

a relay race,

a quiz show…


Equipping Your Booth

Bring Plenty !

If you plan to hand out literature, business cards and any “swag,” don’t let yourself run out of items with your contact information on them!

Pre-package Give-aways

…Brochures, DVD’s, business cards, trinkets, etc… Consider pre-packaging sets so you can quickly hand them out in the rush. Most people won’t wait in line!

Don’t leave your Booth Empty!

We suggest having two people staffed in your booth. If your booth is unattended, it is a lost opportunity to make a connection with someone who could be the perfect fit for your company or school.


Career Pathing Template

We strongly encourage Expo exhibitors to provide

Career Pathinginformation to attendees!


Students need to make a connection between what they are learning with their training and education relative to future career rewards.


You can find a Word template HEREand a Powerpoint template HERE.

Print them as hand-outs or as a poster that attendees may take snapshots.


Collect Contact Info & Follow Up

Utilize QR Codes

Attendees can easily scan your QR code as a back-up means of providing them with your contact information.

Sign-up Sheets

High school juniors and seniors likely will NOT have business cards. Develop an easy sign-in sheet to collect their contact information so you can follow up.

Follow up!

Follow up with attendees within 3-5 days. Next day is even better. Don’t let Expo attendees forget why they thought you were awesome in the first place!


Schools that Attended in 2013

Our future workforce and leaders will come from these and other schools here in Central Texas.

Thank you for helping make the 18th Annual College & Career Expo valuable in planning their educational and career future!

  • LBJ High School (AISD)
  • Akins High School (AISD)
  • McCallum High School (AISD)
  • Bastrop ISD
  • Crockett High School (AISD)
  • Eastside Memorial High School (AISD)
  • Del Valle High School (DVISD)
  • Hays High School (HCISD)
  • Lanier High School (AISD)
  • Lehman High School (HCISD)
  • Live Oak Academy (HCISD)
  • Pflugerville ISD
  • Ready, Set, Teach!
  • Round Rock ISD
  • San Marcos High School (SMISD)
  • Southwest Key GED/Travis County Day School
  • Taylor ISD
  • Texas State Upward Bound
  • Travis High School (AISD)
  • UT Charter Schools

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