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Dual credit orientation 2012-2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Dual credit orientation 2012-2013

Dual credit orientation 2012-2013

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Dual credit orientation 2012-2013

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  1. Dual credit orientation 2012-2013 Algonquin College Heritage Campus

  2. Welcome to Algonquin College! Welcome to post-secondary learning! you have been officially registered at Algonquin College the student number that you have been assigned is YOUR student number for the rest of your time at this College the marks earned in your Dual Credit course will not be considered for future admission to a full time program here but will count towards your GPA.

  3. Program Logistics: Starting your course • • Contact me:!) • Classes begin the week of February 11th • GEN9400 – Wednesdays 3:30-5:30pm in P101 • Go Build – twice a week • Math: Mondays 3-6pm • Intro to Resident.Construction – Wednesdays 3-6pm

  4. Program Logistics:Starting your course • Transportation: Questions? Concerns? Financial need? Unique situation? Please speak to the Dual Credit Coordinator and a decision will be made on a case by case basis • Getting your student ID – today!!! Photo shoot  • Textbooks/course materials – will be delivered to class • Go Build – please buy your boots, reimburse $100

  5. Program Logistics:College Technology You will learn to log onto Blackboard in your class You can get a head start using these video tutorials The ITS Helpdesk is ready to help with any technology (software, hardware issues). Or email

  6. Program Logistics:Student Timetable Your timetable – learn to understand the language

  7. Tracy Norris 1385 Woodroffe Ave. NEPEAN ON K2G 1V8

  8. Program Logistics:Withdrawals Steps: • Make an appointment with your Guidance Counselor and Dual Credit Support Teacher to discuss your decision and to understand the consequences of a withdrawal • Once discussion has occurred, if you have decided to withdraw, your high school Guidance Counselor must send an email to to confirm your withdrawal • Be aware of the deadline(s) to withdraw without academic penalty (found on your Student Timetable) • If it is after deadline to withdraw, then a grade of ‘F’ will appear on your College transcript; this WILL count towards your GPA at Algonquin College in future programs

  9. Program Logistics:Completing your Course • Approximately one month after your last day of class, a copy of your term grade report will be sent to the Principal at your High School to be filed in your OSR • The College letter grade will be converted to a percentage and will show up on your report card with a linked High School code (except for team taught courses) • You can also print a grade report from ACSIS by logging in after the grades release date

  10. Program Logistics:Completing your Course • internal transfer of credit • If a course has not been previously declared equivalent for internal credit transfer, a request in writing to the Course Academic Administrator can be sent for the course to be reviewed • Please use the form found via • If you go to another College – check with their Registrar what the process is for transfer of external credits. You will need your official College Course Outline posted on Blackboard at the start of your course, proof of completion (term grade report), and/or an official Algonquin College transcript

  11. Success in CollegeSuccess in the Dual Credit Program Ask for help Know your needs Communicate with your support teacher Get Connected

  12. Ask for help

  13. Support Services Peer Tutoring: please contact the Front Office. The Student Tutoring Service is designed to help registered students who are experiencing difficulties in their program. Students are matched with trained students for one-to-one tutoring. To receive tutoring please contact the Front Office. Our Office will cover the fees. Student Support LabNeed Help with your English or Math Skills?The Student Support Lab helps students develop the fundamentals of writing, research and math skills in a comfortable environment that encourages educational efforts. Hours are posted on the hall information screens at the campus. Computer Lab Hours:Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM, Room 102. CSD: Contact Alison West Armstrong at 613-727-4723 ext. 7063 or All support services available to Algonquin College students are also available to Dual Credit students. This includes:

  14. Know your needs

  15. College Readiness • You will be expected to: • attend classes regularly • complete and hand-in assignments on time • work cooperatively in groups • manage their time effectively • seek out support services when needed

  16. College Readiness • Can you answer the following: • Are you comfortable talking about your needs? • Can you work independently? • Do you know what accommodations you will need, if any? • Can you develop a study schedule and stick to it? • Can you balance academic responsibilities with your free time? • Are you comfortable working in groups? • Would you ask for help if you started having any difficulty?


  18. Student’s Association If you have any questions regarding any of the services we provide or anything we may be able to help you with, please contact Leigh McKay, Perth SA Office Manager, 7 Craig St. Perth in room 130, at or call (613) 267 - 2859 ext. 5629. Some Services Offered: Health and Dental Funding for Clubs, Field Trips, Employer Network and GraduationEvents Administrative Services such as colour report printing, faxing, resume copies, courtesy phone, emergency hotline, ride board and used books. Perth Fitness Zone Student Forums

  19. Communicate with your Dual Credit Support teacher

  20. Dual Credit Support Teacher • This teacher will: • interact and communicate directly with students, teachers/guidance counsellors and college instructors • main parental or guardian contact • help to navigate the college environment • help access supports and services • help ensure that accommodations are communicated by the Dual Credit student • help facilitate the exchange of information about the academic progress

  21. TOUR!!