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Advertising: The Magic of Communication

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Advertising: The Magic of Communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advertising: The Magic of Communication. Advertising: The Magic of Communication. Companies advertising products and services need to make the most out of the money they invest in advertising. For that reason, they turn to advertising agencies for the best way to sell their product.

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advertising the magic of communication1
Advertising: The Magic of Communication
  • Companies advertising products and services need to make the most out of the money they invest in advertising.
  • For that reason, they turn to advertising agencies for the best way to sell their product.
human desires
Human Desires
  • Most advertising agencies have found that the easiest way to get your attention and to encourage you to buy something is to appeal to your basic needs and desires.
eight basic human desires
Eight Basic Human Desires
  • Food and drink
  • Comfort
  • Freedom from fear and danger
  • To be superior
  • To attract the opposite sex
  • Welfare and protection for loved ones
  • Social approval
  • A long life
human desires1
Human Desires
  • If you successfully appeal to one of these human desires, your chance of selling your product is greatly increased.
secondary desires
Secondary Desires
  • Bargains
  • Information and knowledge
  • Cleanliness
  • Efficiency
  • Convenience (in order to save time)
  • Dependability
  • Quality
  • Style and beauty
  • Curiosity
secondary desires1
Secondary Desires
  • The secondary desires are not as strong as the eight basic human desires, but you should still keep them in mind while you are preparing your ads.
agency secrets
Agency “secrets”
  • Agencies also have some “secrets” which they use while preparing advertising campaigns to help sell their products.
  • First, the agency decides on a theme for the campaign. The theme is the main message of the ad.
  • “Chevy trucks are built to last.”
  • Allstate – “Mayhem is coming.”
  • The theme gets attention, gets the message across quickly and simply, and often provides a catchy slogan.
  • The slogan is often the only thing that the audience remembers when the ad is over.
  • The slogan must be simple, contain the product’s name, and contain only one important message.
  • “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger.”
  • “Finger-lickin’ good.”
  • “Taste the Rainbow.”
sex appeal
Sex Appeal
  • The desire to attract the opposite sex has built industries such as Revlon, Ralph Lauren, Max Factor, Clairol, etc.
  • Hundreds of other products from cars to soft drinks also use sex appeal to help sell their products.
  • Endorsements - person’s approval of a product. The person states that the product is good and should be bought and used.
  • If Chuck Norris or Peyton Manning say that a product is the best, then it must be so.
  • Famous athletes and movie stars are paid to tell the public which car, suit, or soft drink to buy.
guarantees and special offers
Guarantees and special offers
  • People feel safer or believe they are getting a better value for their money.
  • Special offers, coupons, and free samples give the customer the feeling that he is getting something extra for his money.
  • Important when many similar products are on the market and the buyer must choose only one.
statistics and polls
Statistics and Polls
  • Helps convince the consumer which toothpaste, aspirin, or mouthwash to purchase.
  • TV commercials show men dressed in white coats talking about recent surveys where nine out of ten doctors preferred Brand X aspirin.
humor children and animals
Humor, children, and animals
  • Most people love to laugh and to look at pretty little girls, cute boys, and frisky animals.
  • Therefore, ads are full of clever remarks, humorous happenings, and all kinds of kids and animals.
  • Advertisers promise loss of weight, more sex appeal, and eternal youth.
  • Product names such as Burger King and Dairy Queen all help make the product strong, large, and important.
  • The psychology of color is a relatively new science that has changed many ideas about advertising.
  • Among the things that agencies have learned is that color advertising sells most products much better than black and white advertising.
  • Studies show that cool colors such as greens and blues create calm, easy feelings that help sell products like aftershaves, and perfume.
  • Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows help sell items like sports cars.