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  1. HAIKUS Yaerin Song

  2. Friends Friends are sweet honey They are amiable friends I will remember

  3. Spring Spring is wonderful A nice time for vacation It’s very superb

  4. Summer Summer is scorching It is sizzling and hot I don’t like summer

  5. Snow Snow is falling down Making everywhere white It is lovely

  6. Rain Drops Rain drops are falling Toc! Trickling down the road Streaming down the road

  7. Love for Family Love your family They’re always there for you They are the best

  8. Movies Movie is pleasant Horror, fantasy, drama Genres of movies

  9. Books Books are engrossing They grip you into the book Fall in the story

  10. Science Science is thrilling Excitement, thrill, Wonderful Wonderful Science!

  11. Money Money is danger Spend, gamble, and many more It is horrible

  12. House My house is cozy The greatest place in the world My wonderful home

  13. Music Music is great time Pop, ballad, rock, opera Music is leisure

  14. Cello Cello is pleasing The sterling sounds they produce Very amusing

  15. Exams Exams are burdens Difficult, strenuous, tough Worst things from the world

  16. Leisure Time Leisure time is best Reading, practicing, sleeping Best time in your life

  17. Words Words are colorful Expression, term, many more Used in everywhere

  18. Four modes of Discourse Four modes of discourse Description, exposition Narrative, Persuasion

  19. Color Pencils Eight Color pencils Red, Green, Yellow, blue, purple, Black, orange, and gray

  20. Art Art is sensitive Their states, colors, and shapes Very garnishing

  21. Poems Poems are rhythm Various types, haikus, list, Blues, and anything!

  22. Cups What do these cups do? You can drink, pour, spill, and more My favorite cups!

  23. Camping Camping with fire Marshmallows, sausages, drinks And Many more food!

  24. Bees Bees fly around me Making circles over my head It stings me everywhere!

  25. Desks Desks for studying Desks for eating, leisure times They are helpful