raise your hands to your ears as in figure 1 saying n.
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raise your hands to your ears (as in figure 1) saying: PowerPoint Presentation
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raise your hands to your ears (as in figure 1) saying:

raise your hands to your ears (as in figure 1) saying:

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raise your hands to your ears (as in figure 1) saying:

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  1. When you are sure that you have fulfilled all the necessary conditions for Salah, you ready to offer Salلh. A detailed account of how to say Salah is given below: Figure 1 Figure 2 NOTE: The hand is in line with ear lobe. raise your hands to your ears (as in figure 1) saying: Allah is the greatest. NOTE: Ladies lift their hands up to their shoulders only as shown above.

  2. Now placing your right hand on the left, just below, above or on the navel (as shown in figure 4 -- and ladies placing their hands on their chest as shown in figure 3) Figure 3 Figure 4 recite the opening Surah, Al-Fatihah:

  3. Surah, Al-Fatihah: Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. ALHAMDU LIL-LءHI RAB-BIL 'ءLAMحN the Beneficent, the Merciful. AR-RAHMء-NIR RAHحM MءLIKI YAU-MID-DحN Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone we worship and to thee alone we turn for help. IYYء-KA N'ABUDU WA-IYYءKA NASTA'حN Guide us in the straight path. IHDI-NAS-SIRء-TAL MUSTAQحM the path of those whom You favoured SIRء TAL-LADHحNA AN-'AMTA 'ALAحHIM GHAIR-IL MAGHDUBI 'ALAحHIM and who did not deserve Thy anger. or went astray. WALAD-DءL-LIN (AMIN) Now after Al-Fatihah recite the any other passage from the Holy Qur‘an:

  4. Now bow down saying: ALLءH AKBAR Allah is the greatest. Place your hands on your knees and in this inclined position (Ruku' as shown in figure 5) recite these words thrice(3 times): SUBHءNA RAB-BI-YAL 'AZحM Glory to my Lord the great. Figure 5 (Posture for ladies in Ruku' is slightly different to that of a man.)

  5. Then come to teh standing position (figure 6&7) saying: SAMI 'ALLءHU LIMAN HAMIDAH Allah has heard all who praise Him figure 6 figure 7 RAB-BANء LAKAL HAMD Our Lord: Praise be to Thee.

  6. Now saying "Allah Akbar" prostrate on the ground with your forehead, the knees, the nose and palms of both hands touching the ground. In this position (Sajdah -- as in figure 8 & 9) repeat these words three times at least: SUBHءNA RءB-BI-YAL A'ALء Glory to my Lord, the most high. figure 8 figure 9 NOTE: Your nose & forehead in line with carpet.

  7. Sit upright with knees still on the ground after moments rest perform the second Sajdah Saying: Allah is the Greatest. ALLءHU AKBAR In the second Sajdah as before recite the following thrice(3 times): SUBHءNA RءB-BI-YAL A'ALء Glory to my Lord the most high. This completes one raka'at of Salah.

  8. The second raka'لt is said in the same way except that after the second Sajdah you sit back, with the left foot bent towards the right, which should be placed vertical to the mat withthe toes touching the mat. The palms should be lifted from the mat and placed on the knees. Figure 12 Figure 10      Figure 11 Siiting position for females (Figure 12) In this position (Q'adah -- as shown in figures 10 and 11 silently say these words (Tashahhud): AT-TAHI-YءTU LIL-LءHI WAS-SALAWءTU WAT-TAY-YIBءTU  All prayers and worship through words, action and sanctity are for Allلh only. Peace be on you, O Prophet. AS-SALءMU 'ALAIKA AY-YUHAN-NABIY-YU and Mercy of Allah and His blessings. WARAHMATUL-LءHI WABARAKءTUH Continue Next Page

  9. AS-SALءMU 'ALAINء WA'ALء 'IBءDIL-LءHIS-SءLIHحN Peace be on us and on those who are righteous servants of Allah. lift index finger and say: ASH-HADU AL-Lء ILءHA IL-LAL-LAH I bear witness to the fact that these is no deity but Allah. WA-ASH-HADU AN-NA MUHAMMADAN 'ABDUHU WARASعLUH I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messanger. (return finger in previous position)

  10. In the three raka'لt(i.e. Magrib) or four raka'لt (Like Zuhr, 'Asr and 'Ishل) Salلh you stand up for the remaining raka'لt after Tashahhud. On the other hand if it is two raka'لt (Fajr) Salلh, keep sitting and after this recite Darud (blessing for the Prophet) in these words: AL-LءHUM-MA SAL-LI 'ALء MUHAMMAD-IW WA 'ALء ءLI MUHAMMADIN O Allلh, exalt Muhammad and the followers of Muhammad. KAMء SAL-LAITA 'ALء IBRءHحMA WA'ALء ءLI IBRءHحMA As thou did exalt Ibrahim and his followers. IN-NAKA HAMحDUM-MAJEED Thou art the praised, the Glorious. Continue next page

  11. AL-LءHUM-MA BءRIK 'ALء MUHAMMAD-IW O Allلh, bless Muhammad WA 'ALء ءLI MUHAMMADIN and his followers KAMءBءRAKTA 'ALء IBRءHحMA WA 'ALء ءLI IBRءHحMA as Thou has blest Ibrahim and his followers. IN-NAKA HAMحDUM-MAJEED Thou art the Praised, The Glorious

  12. Now turn your face to the right saying: AS-SALءMU 'ALAIKUM WA-RAHMATUL-LءH Peace be on you and Allah's blessings. Then turn your face to the left and repeat the above words (aloud). This completes your two raka'لt Salلh. The four raka'لt of Zuhr, 'Asr and 'Ishل are said in an identical manner with the only difference that in the first two Raka'لt of Zuhr and 'Asr, Al-Fلtihah is said silently while in 'Ishل prayer it is recited aloud. If you are performing a three raka'لt (like Maghrib) or four raka'لt (like Zuhr, 'Asr and 'Ishل) Salلh stand up after Tashahhud saying ALLءH AKBAR and recite Al-Fلtihah. You must remember that Al-Fلtihah is always recited silently in the third and fourth raka'لt of every Salلh. When you are offering Fard Salلh do not recite any additional passage from the Holy Qur'لn after Al-Fلtihah in the last two raka'لt. After the second Sajdah in the fourth raka'لt say the Tashahhud, Darud and end with "AS-SALءMU 'ALAIKUM WA-RAHMATUL-LءH" to each side (first right, then left as shown in the above pictures). This marks the end of Salلh.