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Development of Reliability Program Standard GEIA-STD-0009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Development of Reliability Program Standard GEIA-STD-0009

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Development of Reliability Program Standard GEIA-STD-0009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U. Development of Reliability Program Standard GEIA-STD-0009. SE Summit March 2009. Approved for Public Release; Distribution is unlimited. DSB Task Force on DT&E:

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Development of Reliability Program Standard GEIA-STD-0009

  • SE Summit
  • March 2009

Approved for Public Release; Distribution is unlimited

geia std 0009 reliability program standard for systems design development and manufacturing
DSB Task Force on DT&E:

“Ensure programs are formulated to execute a viable systems engineering strategy from the beginning, including a RAM growth program, as an integral part of design and development.”

“Develop a military standard for RAM development and testing that can be readily referenced in future DoD contracts”

Brisk schedule:

1st DoD-industry WG meeting Oct 07

Formal ballot closed 30 Jun 06, unanimously approved

Final WG meeting 28-29 Jul 08

GEIA-STD-0009, Reliability Program Standard for Systems Design, Development, and Manufacturing

GEIA = Govt Electronics & Info Technology Assoc

army systems failing operational reliability tests
33% of systems met reliability requirements

47% of systems fail to achieve even ½ of their reliability requirements

Army Systems Failing Operational Reliability Tests

1997 - 2006




DoD O&S Costs

Largest Fraction of Life Cycle Costs

Color Key:




Source: Defense Science Board Task Force on Developmental Test & Evaluation

geia std 0009 reliability objectives
Understand customer/user requirements and constraints

Design and redesign for reliability

Produce reliable systems/products

Monitor and assess user reliability

GEIA-STD-0009 Reliability Objectives
notional reliability growth
Notional Reliability Growth

Before System Testing Begins

After System Testing Begins


GEIA-STD-0009 Reliability Growth

Reliability Verification

Systems Engineering

Field Failures


Failures from system testing

Reliability Assessment

Failures from subsystem testing

Failures from component ALT

Closed-loop failure-mode mitigation

Potential user failure modes

Potential manufacturing & workmanship failures

Virtual failures from engineering- and physics-based models

Identify failure modes & mechanisms

Characterize operational & environmental loads

dod riwg task 1 2 sample rfp language
Consistent, concise, sample reliability program language for RFP sections:

C Statement of Work

L Proposal Instructions

M Factors for Evaluation

Evaluation Checklist

Consists of “what to do”, i.e., top-level objectives and activities that are essential in order to design, build, and field reliable systems

Distilled from GEIA-STD-0009, Reliability Program Standard for Systems Design, Development and Manufacturing

Developer remains responsible to identify and propose methods, tools, and a set of Best Practices (i.e., “how to do it”)

Located at DAU website with overview and URL being included in Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Guide for Integrating Systems Engineering into DoD Acquisition Contracts, and Incorporating Test and Evaluation into DoD Acquisition Contracts

DoD RIWG Task 1.2 Sample RFP Language

Will cause developers to plan for and resource a reliability “growth program, as an integral part of design and development”

Supports New Army and DoD Policies

riwg task 1 4 standard evaluation criteria
Standard evaluation criteria needed to provide consistent way to evaluate program’s reliability health early in the development process

RIWG developed Reliability Scorecard that assesses critical reliability activities in the areas of

Tool developed to view scorecard in Acquisition Community Connection – R&M Interest Area

Link to be included in DAG

Army T&E Evaluator will use for implementing new Army Reliability Policy

  • Reliability Requirements and Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Reliability Testing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Failure Tracking and Reporting
  • Verification and Validation
  • Reliability Improvements
RIWG Task 1.4 Standard Evaluation Criteria

Supports New Army and DoD Policies

DoD Guide for Achieving Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability, 3 Aug 2005

Concerning Reliability Assessment and Verification: “Best Practices for Reliability Assessment and Verification”, ITEA Journal, Sep, 2008

Implementing contractual language developed by DoD Reliability Improvement Working Group

Contractual language will be regularly revised based on lessons learned

Reliability Scorecard developed by AMSAA and DoD Reliability Improvement Working Group