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Happiness in Switzerland

Happiness in Switzerland. Chika Usami , Natsuki Kashiwase and Tomomi Ishikawa from Japan and Switzerland friendship association. Permanently neutral country . Ethnic group: German, French, and Italian. Chocolate. Peaceful, Diverse and independent country. People:

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Happiness in Switzerland

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  1. Happiness in Switzerland Chika Usami, NatsukiKashiwaseand Tomomi Ishikawa from Japan and Switzerland friendship association

  2. Permanently neutral country Ethnic group: German, French, and Italian Chocolate Peaceful, Diverse and independent country People: Patriotic and individualistic Understand Switzerland Direct Democracy

  3. Our conclusion about happiness in Switzerland from our investigation and The Geography of Bliss. Happiness = SATISFACTION Conjoyment What’s Happiness for Swiss?

  4. Contribution to Society Quietness and Peace Individualism and Responsibilities Respect For individuality Neatness When these factors are guaranteed, the Swiss can feel happy!!! Independence Balanced Life What’s Satisfactionfor the Swiss?

  5. Independence Contribution to Society Respect for Individuality Educational aspects

  6. Diversity of educational system (from one canton to another). • Education of high level. Cheap school expenses.→people (talented people) are national treasure • System: Develops the competency for living, independence and individualities. Characteristics of Swiss Education

  7. Only 20% can enter an university Contribution to Society Gymnasium Other 80% students choose to take vocational education or others. Prepare for the test for entering university. Not more then 20% students choose this course. Educational system

  8. Grade Repetition (or Grade Retention) System Each student has different progress speed in their study. Some students make rapid progress, but the others are far behind. In Switzerland, it is thought that all students have to complete their studies. Respect for Individuality Example1 (Respect for individuality): System

  9. Japan Switzerland Find answers Find the answer Respect for Individuality =5 + 2+3= Independence =17 8+9= + Example2 (individuality and independence): Class of Mathematics

  10. Individualism and Responsibilities Balanced Life Contribution to Society Work/Business

  11. Switzerland • Expert knowledge • Ability of decision • Responsible by Individuals ↓ Speedy Work harder/hour • Japan • Harmony • Share their responsibility  ↓ Work longer (overtime work) ★mental stress 1. Individualism

  12. Switzerland Positive for working ↓ Contribution to society ↓ They love their own countries. • Japan Working for only themselves or their families ↓ They are indifferent to their counties. 2.Contribution to Society(Patriotism)

  13. Switzerland • Working hard/ Enjoying their leisure ↓ They are good at change their mood between working and relaxing. • Japan • Overtime work • Holiday work • Cannot take a paid vacation ↓ They work too much. 3. Balanced Life Their balanced life is usual happiness for Swiss people.

  14. Happiness of Switzerland Food Chocolate have “tryptophan” . It is what the brain uses to make the neurotransmitter serotonin. tryptophan serotonin The Swiss consume mass quantities of chocolate.

  15. Life Style Neatness Happiness of Switzerland Quietnessand Peace On time Minimum requirement for Happiness Punctual Clean Nature Calm

  16. Respect For individuality Life Style →one of the reasons the Swiss are happy. Killing themselves is legal. They have choices to be dead or alive.

  17. Life Style Happiness of Switzerland full-on joy conjoyment contentment The view of Happiness for the Swiss “Conjoyment” Happiness

  18. Students can find their significance of existence Balanced Life Neatness Summary of Switzerland’s Education, Work, food and life style.

  19. Happiness is in ordinariness. It is not special but important. What Japan can learn?

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