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Happiness . Delaney Harris. What is Happiness?.

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  1. Happiness Delaney Harris

  2. What is Happiness? • ~Happiness has its own definition to everyone. I define happiness as being able to find joy within ourselves, being able to be accepting of who we are, our environment, the people in our lives and the things we create with our lives. If we can find a way to smile with all of those factor playing into our lives, we are considered happy.

  3. Is Happiness a Science? ~Happiness is considered a science because it can be put into a subdivision in psychology or neurology which is a science. In psychology the things that would be looked at would be factors that play into happiness, influences, reward centers and who the happiest people are.

  4. Neurology ~In neurology people would be given a stimuli and the brain would be looked at to see where the pleasure response would be occurring. A negative stimuli could also be given and the brain could be looked at to see where the brain responds to said stimuli.

  5. Acceptance ~The number one thing in order for happiness is acceptance. If we are able to come to terms with the flaws of ourselves then people will not be able to hurt our feelings. We will also not be putting ourselves down constantly.

  6. More Accepting ~Another thing that is important is accepting others and our surrounding's. For example being able to accept the fact that we have a horrible boss or an annoying parent in-law. It becomes easier to welcome them and enjoy their company if we are able to try and look past the negative and more towards the positive.

  7. Rid the Bad ~However, if these factors (people, environment, job, etc.) become such a problem that we can’t accept them, then we need to remove them from our lives. If our job is miserable, it’s time to quit. If you hate your spouse, you need a divorce. If we can remove the negative from our lives it becomes easier to focus on the positive.

  8. Enjoy Every so Often ~Other small things that can increase our happiness include things like: vacations, treating ourselves to a lovely lunch, doing art, visiting old friends, reading a book, going to a movie, redecorating our house, going swimming, etc. If we can occasionally treat ourselves to something we really enjoy we can find happiness.

  9. Beach Vacation Reading a book Painting Sleeping in late Going to a Movie

  10. Recap ~In order to find joy we need to: ~Be accepting ~Removing negative ~Working really hard so we can occasionally reward ourselves.

  11. Definition Changed ~Over the last couple weeks my definition has changed because before I thought there was a very specific answer on how to define happiness but I have learned that everyone could define it differently and no ones answer is more or less correct than another. I have also realized happiness is a lot less materialistic (to me at least) and it is a lot more self reflecting.

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