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Welcome to Red Services

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Welcome to Red Services. www.CountyRed.com. Red Services. Prepares individuals, families and homes for unexpected disasters, accidents and emergencies.  

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welcome to red services

Welcome toRed Services


red services
Red Services
  • Prepares individuals, families and homes for unexpected disasters, accidents and emergencies.  
  • RED provides the highest level of emergency preparedness services in each community we serve by utilizing highly trained off-duty firefighters who work directly with residents to increase the safety of every home.

Red Services

  • RED’s Experts give homes complete fire and emergency preparedness inspections, create customized emergency plans for families and individuals, and provides the training needed to tackle emergencies. RED also offers supplies such as fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kits and more.

Our Mission is to protect, equip and educate every home in our community.

u s fire emergency statistics
  • U.S. fire departments respond to nearly 400,000 fires, that’s 1 every 82 seconds
  • Someone is injured in a home fire every 40 minutes
  • 8 people die and 36 are injured in home fires every day
  • Approximately 250,000 people are effected every year by Natural Disasters
  • Sudden cardiac arrest kills nearly 1,000 people each day
  • Nearly 80% of all sudden cardiac arrests happen in the home.

Statistics Source: National Fire Protection Association


Earthquakes, Fires, Heart Attacks

and other Disasters happen to

thousands of people every day

- whether they are

prepared for them

or not.

why red
Why RED?
  • Millions of Americans are impacted by fire, health, and safety-related losses every year; usually these disasters occur within victims’ own homes
  • Until now, annual fire and safety inspections have been limited to commercial buildings. Now RED prepares individuals, families and homes for unexpected disasters, accidents and emergencies

Emergencies typically occur while people are at home.

Knowing that a loved one, or a home could have been saved is one of the heaviest burdens anyone can carry. That’s why RED provides the knowledge, training, and supplies that people need to be prepared for an emergency.


RED’s Experts give homes complete fire

and emergency preparedness inspections,

create customized emergency plans for

individuals and families, provide training

needed to tackle emergencies, and deliver

the products needed to be properly equipped.

red provides
RED Provides:
  • Yearly Fire & Emergency Preparedness Inspections
  • Customized Emergency Plans to meet individual needs
  • Training in CPR, First Aid, and on the use of Defibrillators, Fire Extinguishers and other safety products
  • Gas and Water shut off education and tools
  • Professionals to answer fire and safety questions
  • Safety and First Aid products
  • Maintenance of Emergency Equipment
  • Resources for Home Monitoring services
red offers peace of mind
Red offers peace of mind
  • Everyone knows that they need to be prepared for an emergency, but unfortunately few take real steps toward this goal
  • As firefighters, you all know of many houses burning down, often due to lack of preparedness. Too few smoke detectors, no carbon monoxide detector, no training in how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Red helps people prevent these avoidable losses.
your opportunity with red
Your Opportunity with RED
  • This is an avenue to take the skills which you all already know and apply them in a setting outside of the department
  • You are able to take your passion for helping and turn it into supplemental income
speaking of extra income
Speaking of Extra Income…
  • Pay structure

1-3 Subscriptions: 1 Month of Subscription + $9.00/hr

4+ Subscriptions: 2 Months of Subscription + $9.00/hr

  • For example
    • If in a 20hr work week you sign 3 homes at an average subscription of $35 you will earn $285 dollars that week; that’s $14.25/hr
    • If in a 20hr work week you sign 7 homes at an average subscription of $35 you will earn $565 dollars that week; that’s $28.25/hr
some things to remember w hen going to homes
Some things to remember when going to homes
  • The customer did not seek you out.
  • They didn't call you or come into your store.
  • That being said, they have a definite need for your product.
  • There are 4 key areas that you need to address to be successful
1 perspective
1. Perspective
  • The right perspective is critical for going door-to-door.
  • If you feel you are bothering people at their homes, don't door knock.
    • That is a self fulfilling prophesy, if you think you're a bother, you are.
  • Red Services provides a service that residents need and want.
  • How you are dressed is a form of presentation all in itself.
  • Its important to look the part.
  • Red Services uniforms will be provided.
2 the door knock
2. The Door Knock
  • First thing to realize is that, when you set foot on the street, you are on display.
  • As you walk up to the house, smile, residents are watching you, count on it. The one time you think they aren't, they will be.
  • If you have materials to hand out, have them organized and ready. Don't make a customer wait while you search for something.

The second you ring the bell, take a good step backwards. Give the customer some space, it makes them relax and makes them feel safe enough to open the door.

  • As they open the door, smile and present a business card.
  • After they take the card, introduce your self formally, name, fire station and Red Services
    • “Hi, my Name is Christian, I’m a volunteer firefighter at xyz working with Red Services. “
3 presentation
3. Presentation
  • Presentation is everything you say and do after you introduce yourself.
  • Start by telling them your intent.
    • “To make sure Bellingham homes are as safe as they can be, other local firefighters and I are going around to enroll residents with Red Services…..”
  • The body of your presentation should be a combination of asking questions and dispensing knowledge. Get the customer to talk and be involved.
4 time management
4. Time Management
  • Time is your friend and enemy. The more doors you knock on, the more customers you will enroll.
  • Give your self a set block of time to door knock. Your goal is to knock on as many doors as possible during that block of time.
  • While working, don't dawdle. You are not out on a stroll, you are working.
  • After you have door knocked for several days, take stock. Are you exhausted at the end? If so, shorten your block of time. If you could go for a few hours more, try it.

Time is also a factor in how often you go door knocking. You cannot go door knocking once a month and expect to make any money at it.

  • Reluctance is a real problem for many. I made my living going door knocking and I often cringed at the thought. What worked for me sounds a little silly and shallow, but it worked for me.
  • Fake it till you make it. I simply pretended that I was a great salesman and door knocker, in fact, the greatest, and it showed. I was confident, was an expert on my product, and the more I did it, the better I got. At some point, and I really couldn't say when, I had become a great salesman and door knocker.
overcoming objections
Overcoming Objections
  • Very often when approaching a home, the customer will say one of the best sales objections in the world:
    • “No I’m not interested!”
  • This usually comes just after you have made your introduction. There are a couple of ways you can deal with this effectively and we will look at these in a minute after we look at what not to do:
sales objections don ts
Sales Objections Don’ts:
  • Never argue back or try to be clever. Saying something like “How do you know your not interested, you don’t know what I’m selling” will end up getting a  response similar to “You are right and I never will – so pi** off!”
  • Never just carry on the pitch as if you haven’t heard them. This will wind them up and close any potential doors you ever had.
sales objections do s
Sales Objections Do’s:
  • Try understanding their position and keeping the conversation going “I’m sure you have a very good reason for saying that. Do you mind me asking what that is?”
    • This is a tried and tested way of dealing with I'm not interested and seeks to understand the real reason why they are not interested. They might be in a rush to get to a meeting, they might have an existing supplier, they might not be the right person or they might just be rude. If you don’t ask you will never know, will never continue the sales dialogue and could close that door for ever.