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Mobile computing and Business

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Mobile computing and Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What can the Mobile Computing do to the Business?

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What can Mobile Computing do to your Business?

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“Mobile computing is human–computer collaboration by which a computer is expected to be

transported during normal usage. Mobile computing includes mobile communication, mobile

hardware, and mobile software.” - Definition of Mobile Computing according to Wikipedia

Today’s wireless technology brought in a new development in computing and mobile computing.

It is the cross in the middle of fixed wireless and mobility applications. In mobile computing, users

have transportable devices while enjoying its features. Some of these portable devices includes are

pocket pcs, handheld smart phones, personal digital assistants or PDA and laptops. By using these

handheld devices people are allow to continue accessing the shared arrangement regardless of their

location and by having flexible communication.

In general idea, mobile computing is the use of any computer physically not connected by wires

to the host computer or server. It is about interaction that requires now wires, but means real-time

connection, plus bringing together procedure that depends on the application being used. In short,

this technology has set a new revolutionized ways on how people make use of computers and get

linked with each other.

With the latest various innovative ideas delivered in the information technology market, several

solutions and improvements have also been coming out front in the mobile computing industry.

Companies that have taken advantage of the mobile computing platforms have been taking up


changes and pushing themselves into the front market seat. While those who have refused to give

in were forced to be in the backseat.

Therefore, the employers have benefited from the fast coming updates of the technology. The

ground-breaking video and audio experiences it provided to every worker has produced new

opportunities and approaches how they can be more efficient, productive, and innovative with their

work. The employers of course are gaining much more from this experience, enabling the growth

of the business because of the mature and high-fashioned manner dealings with industry with all

the advantages that mobile computing is providing.



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