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Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

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Mobile Computing

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  1. Mobile Computing Should teachers allow kids to use cell phones or ipods in class why or why not

  2. 5 Things you can do on cell phone or iPods Text Play games Google search Go on face book etc. Use Apps other than games

  3. Reasons that a iPod or cell phone would help in class • I think it could help if you had a question that the teacher didn’t know if you search online. • Or if you needed to make plans for the end of the day. • But it would distract kids from learning witch would make the school look bad when it comes to MCA/SAT testing.

  4. Are cell phones and iPods handy tool in class and would they take over the school environment I think it could be handy if you need to look at a map or Google search something but I think you would have to ask for permission first. But if you could do anything with it, it could get out of control and are school would get bad reputation because the kids would not pay attention in class.

  5. Good guidelines for people who use cell phones or media devises I think you should only be able to only use cell phone with in the 5 minuets of class because that’s your own time. And I think if your school tells you to not use phones in class don’t use them.