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Bakersfield Sports Business Practice & CSUB Sports Business Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Bakersfield Sports Business Practice & CSUB Sports Business Learning

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Bakersfield Sports Business Practice & CSUB Sports Business Learning
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Bakersfield Sports Business Practice & CSUB Sports Business Learning

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  1. Partnering for Peak Performance Bakersfield Sports Business Practice & CSUB Sports Business Learning

  2. CONTENTS • CSUB: Peak Sports Business Learning ….….………..... 3 • Bakersfield: Peak Sports Business Practice ………….... 4 • Students: Peak Sports Business Talent ……….….…….. 5 • Partnership: Peak Sports Business Performance …….... 6 • Ideas: Peak Performance Sharing ..................................... 7

  3. Facts CSUB is 1 of only 2 Sports Management undergraduate programs in California & 1 of 7 overall. Yet, only CSUB offers a Business School based program. CSUB’s Sports Management program benefits from a stellar CSUB athletics legacy, NCAA Division 1 stature, and close Athletics Department ties that facilitate opportunities to apply hands-on skills to sport activity. CSUB’s Sports Management program yields cross-functional faculty expertise in marketing, sales, management, law, MIS, economics, accounting/finance, public administration and entrepreneurship. Focus CSUB delivers high demand Sports Management skills for one of the fastest growing career fields, to produce highly valued interns & graduates. CSUB hones practical Sports Business Learning by utilizing campus sport activity as “athletics learning labs” for instilling the classroom lessons in a live action forum. CSUB provides top intellectual research, analysis, and strategic thinking to guide the business plans, operations management, and marketing projects of the Bakersfield sports community. CSUB Program: Peak of Sports Business Learning

  4. Reality Fastest growing major U.S. city benefiting from rising disposable income & expanded sports leisure spending. Captive local market supports: * 5 pro sports franchises * golf and tennis tours * auto racing & boxing venues * casual and extreme sports * college/amateur athletics. Exclusive media market for: * 8 local & 2 cable TV station * 50 local radio stations * main & multilingual press * old/new media ad agencies. Realization Further intelligence gathering and analysis skills to profile sports market trends and fan behaviors/preferences. Create a pipeline of Sports Business talent for the strategic and operational requirements of local sports franchises – with an emphasis on practical skills. Expand outreach by local media outlets and ad agencies to bolster sports event coverage, as well as professional opportunities in media operations. Bakersfield: Peak of Sports Business Practice

  5. Profile 30 – 40 Sports Management student majors & 25 minors from a global student pool. Most academically qualified Kern County college students in the Sports Business field. 75% athletic participation honors with solid work ethic. Students’ Sports Management Club coordinates activities. Legacy of career initiative and peer information sharing. Interest in leading Sports Business advancements. Plan Sports Management scholarships for majors/minors and raise media presence of the program. Academic resources/conferences for Sports Business learning and networking support. 100% placement in Sports Business internships and careers. Sustain Sports Management Club funding, support, & mentorship. Formal Sports Management program alumni network. Support involvement in faculty Sports Business research. CSUB Students: Peak of Sports Business Talent

  6. Partnership Package 5 year support agreement Tax deductible annual Sports Management program donation * $2500 (“stars”)-- no “matched” students * $5000 (“winners”) – 1 student * $10,000 (“champions”) – 2 students Internship commitment to provide a position of professional responsibility that utilizes learned program skills. Top consideration for fulltime positions following graduation. Business operation/information access, including game tickets, for CSUB program faculty/students to facilitate learning. Agreement to volunteer organization time/talent to assist CSUB program instruction & activities. Partnership Privileges Long term mutual relationship Sports Management student “apprentice” matched to organizational needs, with tailored course schedule, content, application, and assessment. Confirmed talent for operation plans without uncertainty about pay, attendance, or performance. Exclusive rights to human capital investment gains from program. Shared branding & promotional awareness with CSUB Sports Management presence, as well as availability of intellectual output. Ongoing access to CSUB facilities, Sports Management students, faculty, and athletics programs. Partnership: Peak of Sports Business Performance

  7. Sports Business PRACTICE Ideas ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ Sports Business LEARNING Ideas ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ Ideas: Peak Performance Sharing