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The Flower Fields ABCs PowerPoint Presentation
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The Flower Fields ABCs

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The Flower Fields ABCs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Flower Fields ABCs. Everything you need to know about The Flower Fields program – but were afraid to ask. A. What it is B. Why it works C. How to take advantage of the program. A. What it is. What it is. 4 large breeding companies with a broad range of genetics

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everything you need to know about the flower fields program but were afraid to ask
Everything you need to know about The Flower Fields program – but were afraid to ask

A. What it is

B. Why it works

C. How to take

advantage of

the program

what it is
What it is
  • 4 large breeding companies with a broad range of genetics
  • Marketing program aimed at retailers and consumers
  • Promotional support focusing on how “color” sells more product – for retailers and for growers
    • POP using color
    • Tags showing color usage
    • Pots and packaging for better sell through
1400 cultivars
1400 cultivars
  • Fischer USA
    • All Geraniums and New Guinea impatiens
  • Goldsmith Seeds
    • All seed varieties from Ageratum to Zinnia
  • Goldsmith Plants
    • All annuals from Geraniums to Verbena
  • Paul Ecke Ranch
    • All annuals from Argyranthemum to Vinca
  • Yoder Brothers
    • A full line of perennials plus Dwarf Dahlias

and Spring Garden Mums

is there a real field
Is there a “real” field?

Yes! The Flower Fields

is also a popular tourist

attraction in Carlsbad, CA

  • We use the field as a ‘story’ about use of color
  • We tell the story in both the Travel and Gardening sections of newspapers from coast to coast
why it works
Why it works
  • 1400 cultivars for “easy” program
    • Easy for grower to purchase and grow
      • Seed or cutting produced
      • Annual, perennial or mum
    • Easy for grower to schedule season extender programs for spring, summer or fall
    • Easy for retailer to display
    • Easy for consumer to find and purchase
over 70 species
Over 70 Species

Including Annuals...

over 70 species1
Over 70 Species

...And Perennials

Paul Ecke Ranch

it s grower friendly
It’s grower-friendly
  • No changes to product distribution
  • No changes to product cost or royalty cost
friendly for growers retail customers too
Friendly for growers’ retail customers too
  • This program does not add product cost for the grower or the retailer! It is business-as-usual with extra support from a marketing program
  • By increasing sales per transaction at retail, our color matching system will actually lower overall cost at point-of-sale
why it works1
Why it works
  • Focus on the customer
  • Female - 80% plus
  • If not female, the female often major influence
  • Color is critical
  • Decorating element
why it works2
Why it works
  • It’s not just about genetics
  • It’s the package!
    • Container
    • Tag
    • Information on care
    • Information on use
we are in the decorating business

We are in the decorating business

(and are Consumer Product Manufacturers)

decorating field of color program concept
Decorating + field of color = program concept
  • Focus on use of color to sell more product
  • Help make color choice easy at retail
  • Color wheel and color chip tags
make color easy
Make color easy
  • Our product is impulse-purchased
  • Our product is purchased to decorate
  • Consumers want more information on usage - “what goes with this plant?”
  • Goal is to increase a consumer’s purchase by showing how to match colors. In retailer lingo that means additional $ per transaction total

Color Chip

information on tags
Information On Tags
  • The Flower Fields tags available on all 1400 products
  • Tags required on all vegetative annuals, geraniums and New Guinea impatiens
  • Tags optional on perennials and seed annuals
  • Color chips transition in as inventory allows
help retailers display
Help retailers display
  • POP is now required by many retailers
  • Co-brand by adding retailer logo to posters and bench cards with Ad Agency in a Box™
  • Logo Pots, posters, large tags all add to “package”
point of purchase kits
Point-of-purchase Kits
  • POP kits may be customized to fit a retailer’s need
  • To order by e-mail
complete packaging
Complete packaging
  • Yes, the pot is part of the package
  • Packaged product sells 2:1 faster than plain product
  • 4”, 5”, quart and trade gallon logo pots – all available from Summit Plastics, tel: 330-633-3668
we ll tell consumers
We’ll tell consumers
  • We run color ads in gardening magazines
  • Place the story with newspapers and lifestyle magazines around the country
  • Drive consumers to the website
tell retailers you told consumers
Tell retailersyou told consumers
  • Make sure that you connect all the channels
    • Retailers to Consumers
    • Retailers to Growers and product
so what does this mean to you
So what does this mean to you?
  • “Off the shelf” marketing campaign you can just plug into
    • Add water and stir – pots, labels, POP all ready to go to work for you
  • Easy on the grower program with no extra costs
    • Not adding cost protects growers being pressured on price
  • Wide range of products and product forms
    • ex. Geraniums from seed or cutting
    • Perennials to bedding plants to baskets
so what does this mean to you1
So what does this mean to you?
  • Marketing support is readily on hand and the grower or retailer can use as much or as little as needed
    • Can mix and match to offer different retailers different programs – one with logo pot, one with premium tags, one with more POP
  • Demand for program as retailers and consumers are asking
    • Retailers are asking for quick turns and easy sales to consumers
the flower fields

The Flower Fields

Where Color Grows™