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Industrial fans, commercial &factory fans | Melbourne, Australia

Looking for high-quality industrial fans, commercial & factory fans in Melbourne, Australia! Visit our website to choose from the world’s best available brands. <br>

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Industrial fans, commercial &factory fans | Melbourne, Australia

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  1. Hurll Nu-Way Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd is a company boasting over a hundred years of history in serving Australian industry importing high quality products.  Constantly evolving and adapting to changing business environments, today we supply heating, cooling and process equipment solutions to industry in Australia and New Zealand.

  2. Industries and Applications Our product assortment supports a wide range of industrial processes from within our four product groups of air compression and noise suppression; fluid transfer and mixing systems; industrial and process heating; and thermal comfort.  Applications range from sewerage and waste water treatment to hygienic food and pharmaceutical production; from refinery applications to diesel dispensing on a remote mine site; from keeping chickens warm to high temperature furnaces; and from café heating to HEPA filtered air conditioning for hospital theatres and food packaging plants

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  4. Top Reasons to Invest In Industrial Fans Maintaining proper temperature is easier and more affordable in an office, but when it comes to larger work places like factories or industries, where machines produce a lot of heat and there are many people in a room, installing air conditioners and heaters is simply not an option because of the high installation costs and the high consumption of energy. A plausible solution to this problem is to invest in industrial fans. There is a steady increase in the popularity of SkyBlade Fans in Australia and New Zealand. SkyBlade is one of the most reputable makers of commercial and industrial fans in the market.

  5. Important Traits of HVLS Fans The specially designed wings of the HVLS fans push the air downwards, keeping the environment warm and convenient for the workers. They carry out the desertification process, which eliminates the unwanted cold layers present in the temperature and maintains a warm environment. This cuts down about 20% of heating cost.

  6. Invest in Industrial Fans. Industrial fans do not require any fittings, thus saving the installation cost. This is a beneficial attribute in such fans, since the installation costs of air conditioners and heaters is too much. Moreover, they are versatile and have a standalone quality. When it comes to larger work places like industries, it is costly and harmful to invest in air conditioners and heaters. The accumulation of the water from the air conditioners may harm the wiring, while the heaters may heat up the equipment. On the other hand, industrial fans circulate larger volumes of air in a wide area. By circulating warm air during winters and cool air in summers, they make the workplace more comfortable.

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