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  1. International Society for Performance ImprovementPotomac ChapterPresented by Chris Ryan and Beth Jenkins Smith to the DoD ISD CoPNovember 1, 2004

  2. Agenda • What is Human Performance Technology? • Professional development and the performance improvement practitioner • ISPI: Blends HPT model and professional development objectives • ISPI Potomac Chapter: Serves locally • How can I benefit?

  3. What is HPT? • A systematic approach to improving productivity and competence • Performance analysis • Cause analysis • Intervention selection • How does HPT work? • A set of methods and procedures, and a strategy for solving problems, for realizing opportunities related to the performance of people

  4. HPT Model Performance Analysis Cause Analysis Intervention Selection & Design Intervention Implementation Desired v. actual performance Organizational Analysis: Vision, mission, values, goals, strategies Environmental Analysis: Org env., stakeholders, competition, work env’rnment, resources, tools, work flow, procedures, responsibilities Worker knowledge, skill, capacity, expectations Change management Process consulting Employment Development Communication; Infrastructure, Alliance building Performance Support Job analysis/ work design Personal development HR Development Org Communication Org Design & Development Financial Systems Environmental: Data, feedback, resources, tools, consequences, rewards, structure Behavior: Skills and knowledge, indv capacity, motivations, expectations Evaluation and Feedback Adapted from Fundamentals of Performance Technology, 2nd Edition

  5. … Professional development and the performance improvement practitioner …

  6. Instructional designers Curriculum developers/ training directors HR Managers Human factors practitioners Organization development consultants Managers, analysts, engineers Working in: Government Business Academia Health services Banking Armed services Who is interested performance improvement?

  7. The Performance Improvement Practitioner: Job Focus

  8. The Performance Improvement Practitioner: Experience

  9. Lots of change More technology-based solutions Do more with less Some organizations are growing; most are hurting Leadership & management challenges Rapid pace of workplace disallows time for data-based approaches Trainers must tie training to core business functions Our Work Environment Economy and technology will have greatest impact on the profession

  10. What do you want from Professional Development?

  11. Emerging Core Values for Professional Development • Networking: Build professional relationships • Collaboration: More involvement & opportunities to try new things, work with others • Learning: Variety of learning formats and cutting edge thinking • Community: Share best practices, bounce ideas

  12. What do you want to strengthen? • Technology awareness • Knowledge of interventions • Industry awareness • Vision, strategy, goals, linking interventions to bottom line • Problem-solving • Consulting

  13. … ISPI: Blends HPT model and professional development goals …

  14. Dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace Established 1962 10,000 members throughout U.S., Canada, and 40 more countries What is ISPI?

  15. … ISPI Potomac Chapter serves locally…

  16. ISPI Potomac Chapter: Vision • A world in which all people have the capacity, the opportunity, and the means to perform at their full potential

  17. Potomac Chapter: Mission • To ensure peak performance in the workplace through the understanding, application, and advancement of proven performance improvement principles and methods

  18. Potomac Chapter: Value Proposition • ISPI Potomac Chapter is large enough to help you expand your performance improvement expertise, and small enough to allow you to build genuine professional friendships. We: • Provide outstanding professional development opportunities • Give you a forum for the discussion of professional issues • Serve as models of professional excellence in leadership, advocacy, and practice • Reflect the diversity of our community • Use proven methods of improving performance as a foundation for our work

  19. Monthly meetings: networking and seminar Annual conference Short term, task-specific volunteer opportunities Knowledge sharing Access to experts Local Chapter Activities •

  20. Cost Members only

  21. Benefits of Membership

  22. How you can participate • November 3 - 6 • The North American Simulation and Gaming Association 44th Annual Conference (NASAGA) • Co-Hosted by Potomac Chapter of ISPI and Metro DC Chapter of ASTD • Georgetown University Conference Center • December • See • Contact