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PCAMS Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Activities Management System ( Ver 3.0 )

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PCAMS Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Activities Management System ( Ver 3.0 ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PCAMS Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Activities Management System ( Ver 3.0 ) To provide the online facilities for doing site co-ordination activities for smooth and safe pre commissioning and commissioning of plants.

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PCAMS Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Activities Management System


To provide the online facilities for doing site co-ordination activities for smooth and safe pre commissioning and commissioning of plants.

To cater to the need of EIL (POSD, Construction , Project) and Client through a systematic array of pre-commissioning related data / documents available on the web server during process plant’s pre commissioning and commissioning activities at site and HO.

To provide online workflow for generating the formats (I to V).

To facilitate an integrated approach to data capture, maintenance, storage, sharing and usage of centralized database among the authorized personnel within and outside the department.

It is well structured and has provision to accommodate all different kind of jobs (Conventional or LSTK).



Data sharing within project at HO/ RO / site and other disciplines

Data level security

Saving of man hours during project commissioning

Standardization of report formats ( I TO V )

Data import and export in a well-accepted software format

Better follow up of the commissioning status

Multiple users with various roles and security rights

Faster communication within project team

Availability of EIL standardized report to client.

Building of Knowledge Base for re-usability of technical details of pre commissioning activities of past projects

Demarcation of Project into Units & Areas based on type of Project

Creation of Project Team along with their access rights as per job quality plan.

Preparation of Mechanical and pre commissioning Checklist.

Import Engineering data in Excel format ie. Equipment list, Line list, Instrument Index, PID index, PFD index).

Provide basic input for Preparing System dossier (System/sub system identification).

Linkage of Line list, Equipment list ,PID index and Instrument Index with identified System.

Collection of Checklist from the different department along with their responsibility.

Access to SCT /CONST/CLIENT/PMC for viewing and updating their checklists (Punch points) based on their responsibility.

Liquidation of CHECKLIST in consultation with Construction along with FORMAT A Format B, Format I, format II, Format III, Format IV, Format V.


Work Flow

Generates Reports

Administrator Module

  • Create Project / Unit Details- Create User ID (for client / pmc / licensor )- Create Commissioning Team- Assign Roles
  • Format A,B,I,II,III,IV,V- System Dossier Files with Checklist - Format Status and User Defined reports.

System Library


Liquidation of Checklist

  • System Identification-Codification (system / equipment)- Mechanical Checklist (Job wise)- Checklist Responsibilities Assignment- System Tag no Generation- Pre Commissioning Checklist- Project Department List- Client / PMC / Licensor’s List
  • SCT / Construction site / Client / PMC Commentson Punch pointsI,II,III,IV,V- System Wise Exception

System Dossier (Index Preparation)

Import Process / Engineering Data (Excel file)

-Collect Component Detail (System wise)-Upload Equipment and Instrument data sheet -Create Pre Comm Design Conditions for specific Equipment.- Upload System Markup P&ID , AFC (as build dwg), and Flush loop Mark-up P&ID

- PID index, PFD index, , Line list, Instrument Index , Equipments list , Flushing Loops index

Jobs Started for

LLDPE/HDPE Swing Unit (EPCC-3 Package) in EPC mode executed by EIL

Project no : 6841 / Unit no : 31 / Area no: 100, 200, 300, 400

Jobs Running on

GGSR project for all the units in Conventional mode executed by EIL

Project no : 6922 / Unit no : All

Number of units (created) :52

Number of Systems (identified) :2251

Number of Format Issued (Process systems) :1166

MRPL (Phase-III) SRU Block in OBE mode executed by EIL

Project no : 6994 / Unit no : 322, 326, 614, 714, 814

List of Projects Executed through PCAMS

System Administrator / HOD

Chief commissioning Co-ordinator (CCC)

Project Manager

Area co-ordinator

Client Commissioning In charge

Lead engineer

Job Engineer

Various Roles

list of activities
List of Activities
  • Administrative Activities
  • POSD Activities
  • Construction Activities
  • Client Activities
Archival of master database for past projects

Quick retrieval of details of past projects for start-up planning, checklist preparation and checklist liquidation follow-up for future projects

Re-usability of technical details of pre commissioning activities of past projects

Building of Knowledge Base

pre commissioning management system
Pre Commissioning Management system

Admin Module



New Project / Unit Creation Define CCC (project specific)

Commissioning Team


Access Right based on User Type

Create Non EIL User (Client/PMC)Define User TypeRole AssignmentCommissioning Team’s Department

HOD/System Administrator Level 6Chief Commissioning coordinator Level 5Project Manager Level 4Constructor Coordinator Level 3Lead Engineer Level 2Job Engineer Level 1


IMPORT Excel File

(Project & Unit wise)

Equipment List (Static & Rotating Deptt)

Line List (Process Department)

Instrument Index (Instrumentation Department)

PFD Index (Process Deptt)

P&ID Index (Process Deptt)

Vendor Data ( Licensor)

Oracle Master database (Corresponding Excel Tables)

System Dossier Data Preparation

Selection of System Tag No

Instrument Index

Line Schedule

PID Index

Equipment List

PFD Index

Selected components (System wise)

Data into Corresponding design tables in the database

System Dossier Data (System wise)

Pre-Commissioning Activities Work Flow

SCT’s Rejection

Define List of Sub System


SCT’s Acceptance

Attach / Upload Documents

Format – I Passed

On to SCT

Format-I Approval

Enter System Exceptions

By Lead Engineer (Construction)

Acceptance / Rejection By SCT

Proceed to Format-II

FORMAT-1 Forwarded to OWNER for View

View PID & Sys Dossier

By Job engineer (Construction)


Client’s Acceptance

Client’s Multiple Job Engineers Enter Punch points

Client’s Punch point Copied by SCT

Accept / Reject by Client Group head

Client’s Group head’s Rejection


Issued by SCT and Format-II passed on to Construction

SCT Multiple Job Engineers Enter Punch points

Consolidated Punch Points of Client and SCT


Issue FORMAT-III by Construction AND passed on POSD & CLIENT

Enter Completion Date


Enter Remarks / Exception with Category

Assign Responsibilities by Construction Group Head to Job Engineers


POSD’s comments

Client’s Comments

Upload Project related Files



View Attached PID, System Dossier and Flushing PID


Accept/ Reject FORMAT-III by POSD

Accepted by POSD

Rejected by POSD

Client’s Rejection

Attach / Upload Documents


Client’s Acceptance

Proceed to FORMAT-V

Accept / Reject FORMAT-IV by Client

Enter Comments by SCT

Issue Format-IV by SCT

View Sys PID, Flushing PID & System Dossier

FORMAT-IV viewed by Const.


FORMAT-V viewed by EIL

POSD’s comments

Handed over to Client’s operational deptt.

Acceptance FORMAT-V by Client and SCT

Client’s comments


List of System Identification

List of Project Commissioning Team ( Project / Unit wise)

System dossier details

Mechanical and pre commissioning Checklist

Pre Commissioning Activities

Equipment list , Line list , Instrument Index and P&ID index

(overall / P&ID wise / System wise)

Design parameters for Critical Equipments / Instruments.

Equipment Datasheet, Instrument Datasheets

Characteristics / Heat curve

System mark-up P&ID / AFC (as build) / Flush markup P&ID

Current Format Status and Current Project Status

Equipment summery and Flushing schemes

Overall track record of progress of pre commissioning / commissioning activities through Format I to Format V .

Issued / Accepted format reports for Format-I to Format-V.


Administrative Activities
  • Project / Unit Creation - By System / HOD Administrator
  • Define Chief Commissioning Coordinator (CCC) – unit wise
  • Project Manager Creation - By CCC
  • Commissioning Team Creation (With Access Rights) - By PM
    • SCT - Lead Engineer, Job engineer
    • Construction team - Area coordinator, Lead engineer, Job Engineer
    • Project Team - Project Manager , Job engineer
    • Client (Core) Team - Lead Engineer , Job engineer
    • Client (Project) Team - Lead Engineer, Job engineer
  • User ID Creation for Non EIL members (Project wise) - By PM
  • Update Job Quality Plan - By PM
  • Update Department ‘s list for building the Commissioning Team - By PM
System Identification and Prioritization of the System completion

Markup the process P&ID’s with different symbol as per the System Identified. (manually)

Attach the symbol with System Tag number for reference.

Collection of Process / Engineering Data from Project (Excel files)

Equipment List

Instrument Index

P&ID Index

Line Schedule

Preparation of System Dossier .

( Attach / Detach set of data of Equipments, Instruments ,P&ID number and piping spec along with line details )

Upload the System Markup P&ID (system wise - optional)

Upload the AFC P&ID’s

POSD Activities

Define the pre-commissioning related design parameters for critical Equipments / Instruments

Heater, Heat Exchanger


Compressor, Pump ,Turbine , Fan, Blower

Control Valve

Define pre information required for Equipment Trial Run

(Test record for Rotating Equipments only)

Upload the required documents (optional, if required)

Data sheet for Critical Equipment or Instruments

Upload the Characteristics curves for rotating equipments

Upload the Heat Curves for critical equipments

Upload Flushing Markup P&ID (preliminary)

Upload AFC (As build Dwg.) – System wise

Flushing / Blowing / Pr testing schemes

POSD Activities


Accept / Reject (auto mail to project team)

Forward to Client


Copy Client’s Punch points

Enter SCT punch points

Issue (auto mail to selective project team)

Forward to Construction


View Client's and Construction comments

Enter SCT Comments

Accept / Reject (auto mail to project team)

Forward to Client


View Client’s comments

Enter SCT comments

Issue (auto mail to project team)

Forward to Client

POSD Activities

Create Mechanical Checklist.

(Guidelines for Format-I and Format-II)

FORMAT-I (By Construction)

(Intimation regarding System Completion)

View System Markup P&ID and System Dossier

Attach ref Documents

Enter exceptions

Issue (auto mail to project team)

Forward to POSD

FORMAT-III (By Construction)

(Intimations of liquidation of checklist points)

View Flushing Schemes (if available)

Assign the Responsibilities (Area coordinator)

Comments against punch points

Attach ref Documents

Issue (auto mail to project team)

Forward to POSD

View Project Status & Reports.

Construction Activities

FORMAT-II (By Core Group)

(Preparation of Checklist)

View Format-I

Punch points (Discipline wise)

Issue (auto mail to Client Project Group)

Forward to Project Group

FORMAT-II (By Project Group)

(Approve the Punch points)

View Punch points)

Assign the Responsibilities (Area coordinator)

Accept / Reject (auto mail to selective project team)

Forward to POSD


View SCT comments

Enter comments

Accept / Reject (auto mail to project team)

View Project Status & Reports

View Process / Engineering Documents

Client Activities