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West High School

West High School

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West High School

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  1. West High School Class 2016

  2. SLC’s - The Smaller Learning Community Model West High School is divided into 4 Smaller Learning Communities: • About 500 students in each of grades 9-12 • About 125 students in each SLC for each grade • Under the leadership of an assistant principal • Your Support Team: Counselor or Bilingual Counselor, Psychologist, Social Worker, SLC Principal, Nurse, Case Manager, Core 9 & Core 10 Teachers, CSE, ERO, and MSC

  3. What we’ll do today: • Learn about graduation requirements. • Learn about required & elective courses. • Explore our clubs & sports. • Provide you with scheduling information and registration materials. • Answer your questions.

  4. What are graduation requirements? Earn a minimum of 22 credits. Meet the following specific subject and credit requirements: • 4 credits of English • 3 credits of Social Studies • 2 credits of Math (Algebra and Geometry) • 2 credits of Science (biological & physical sciences) • 1.5 credits of Physical Education • .5 credit of Health • 9 additional credits, including electives

  5. Grade 9 Requirements • English 9* • History 9* • Biology * • Mathematics (8th grade math teacher will make recommendations) • Phy Ed 9 (one semester) • Health (one semester) • Two electives: • Foreign Language (8th grade foreign language teacher will make recommendations) • Art, Business/Marketing, Music, FACE, Technology Education

  6. Big Decision: How many credits should I take? As you decide about a study hall, think about these things: • Homework average: 11/2 - 2 hours a day • School sports/clubs/activities/ Community activities • Playing an instrument in school band/orchestra • Balancing school, home, friends, health

  7. Madison West Pre-Engineering Academy - “Project Lead the Way” • Intro to Engineering Elective 9 -12 * Successful completion of Algebra 1 or concurrent enrollment • Principles of Engineering Elective 10-12 • Civil Engineering and Architecture Elective 12 College Credit Available

  8. Plan carefully!!! To do really well,… …and get all your work done,… …Many 9th graders could benefit from a study hall!!!

  9. Who remembers the Secrets of Success in Grade 9? • Use your assignment notebook • Take careful notes, & use them to study! • Develop a daily study routine at home. • Complete assignments on time. • Keep your notebooks and folders organized. • Use the IC Student/Parent Portal and communicate with teachers.

  10. How many credits should I take? • Maximum: 7.5 • Minimum: 6.5 • Many students benefit from a study hall. • What other commitments do you have? • Don’t overstress yourself.

  11. What to do now: • Talk it over with your parent(s) or guardian(s) and teachers. • Choose your electives. • Get all the necessary signatures. • Turn in your course-request card when your school directs you to.

  12. Important Dates to Remember 9th Grade Transition Meeting January 30, 2012 (Parent Meeting) 7:00pm WHS Auditorium Focus: Scheduling Information 8th grade Orientation February 6, 2012 (Parents & Students) 7:00pm WHS Auditorium Focus: Elective Night Movin’ West May 7, 2012 (Parents & Students) 7:00pm WHS Auditorium Focus: Sports, Clubs, Activities A link to the WHS Curriculum Guide 2012-2013 is available on the WHS webpage under the “Students” section: RETURN THIS CARD AS YOUR SCHOOL INSTRUCTS YOU.

  13. West High School Course Request Card • Check the requested course and write in the elective course requests. Include the following: • Course name • Course code • Teacher signature indicates recommendation • Total number of credits must equal 6-7 credits. The credit value for each course per semester = .50 credit. • Write in alternate course requests. • Student and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must sign your course card.

  14. Schedule adjustments will only be made during enrollment week if: • A student did not pass a class that was required and/or the student’s schedule does not meet grade level or graduation requirements. • A student did not pass a class that was a prerequisite for another class. • A student’s Youth Options course or other approved MMSD course conflicts with the student’s schedule. • Summer school coursework necessitates a change in the student's schedule.

  15. Our strength is ourdiverse community Each of you enriches our diverse community, especially if you participate in activities beyond the classroom. Student government, clubs, sports, creative arts…the opportunities are boundless. So get involved!!!

  16. Clubs(These are just some of them!) Asian Club Good Movies Club Native Am. Club Breakdance Club Green Club Pre-Med Club Black Student Union HOSA RADD Cycling Club Club Regent Review Newspaper Debate Jazz West Rocket Club DECA Knitting Club Roof Over Your Heads Drama Club LaCrosse- Girl’s Peer Partners Engineering Club Latin Club Science Olympiad Forensics Math Team Strong Latinas Unidas French Club Men’s Club Taiko Drumming Gay-Straight Alliance Music Club Yearbook IF WE DON’T HAVE THE CLUB YOU LIKE, WHY NOT START ONE? MEET PEOPLE & HAVE FUN… GET INVOLVED!!!!!

  17. Sports FallWinterSpring Football-B Basketball* Track* Golf-G Wrestling -B Softball-G Tennis-G Swim-B Soccer-G Cross Country* Gymnastics-G Golf-B Volleyball* Hockey* Baseball-B Swim & Dive-G Tennis-B Soccer-B

  18. Academic Support We have: -Resource Hall: Literacy Center, Honor Guard & Schools of Hope, BRS (Bilingual Resource Support) - Tutorial support in Math, Science, English, & History during Lunch/Learn -ASPIRA


  20. Please come see us for... Questions/Concerns relating to: • ENGAGEMENT - joining clubs or activities • LEARNING - Study skills and academic progress • RELATIONSHIPS - getting along with others • Planning your future • Other concerns

  21. Our House is Your House Welcome to the West High School class of 2016!