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social impacts of the use of it n.
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Social impacts of the use of IT. PowerPoint Presentation
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Social impacts of the use of IT.

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Social impacts of the use of IT.
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Social impacts of the use of IT.

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  1. Social impacts of the use of IT. Local community Availability of jobs Inequality in broadband access

  2. Local community • Development in it • It has put a lot of company's out of business because people have started buying and selling online rather going to the shop to but there goods . The people also have started chatting online rather then going to see the people in person. Computer is one of the is the mean thing in there life so that’s way there rather shop online then to the shop to buy the stuff there need because it is much easy to do so. • When you speak to people online instead of meeting them in person you are not going to get to now them. The more you interact with people in your community the more you get to know them and if for example you are in trouble or need help with something you can count on the neighbours and friends around you.

  3. Availability of jobs • Some job that the human can carry out the machine can not do that well • the more robots a company get the less workers you need • if you robot breaks down you need a it technician to fix the robot (machine). • People might loss there jobs their are less workers • Because other company are making online pages and more and more people are going to that and buying things from they and all his costumer are leavening his shop to buy chipper tings online. Big online retailers can stock more items in big ware house. Richard only has a small shop so he can’t get really big stock because he does not have the space to put it in. • This is the current rate of unemployed worker at the moment • Unemployment rate • Uk = 8.1% • Greece=25%

  4. INEQUALITY IN BROADBAND ACCESS • Some people cant afford internet access • Broadband is not available in some rural areas • Some people may have difficulty using a computer if they have a disability • some people have not got broadband access because of the area there live in, some people live up in rural areas and they for there do not get the same amount of internet quality as us people who live in city's. some people who are not able to move or use there hand or legs can not use the computer so there is no point in get a broadband but how ever people who are disable there have a lot knowledge about computer they can use it by special mouse and keyboards. If you live in rural areas the price of the broadband is going to be more but if you live in a city it is a bit less then.