social impacts of the use of i t n.
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Social impacts of the use of I.T PowerPoint Presentation
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Social impacts of the use of I.T

Social impacts of the use of I.T

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Social impacts of the use of I.T

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  1. Social impacts of the use of I.T by Ali abbas

  2. Change in organisation • the change in organisation has increased in the technical departments. • the areas of the technical departments are increasing and are trying to prevent hackers, and viruses but give there services to the customers for internet even the files. • There have been small companies that have expanded to big companies so they are increasing everyday. • The importance of this that they will provide more services and stop hacking and virus and update your company. • The organisation had been changing a lot in the I.T corporation like software but they are globally changing in the world.

  3. Reliance on computers • Reliance of computers is that can be observed on every business organisation today uses computer technology to vacillate their operations. • With the heavy volume of complicated task, employees need to use something that will allow them to work faster and more efficiently. • With the help of the computers, workers find it easy to fulfil their tasks. • Aside from being used in commercial settings, computers also play a big role in the everyday lives of ordinary people.

  4. Reduce the number of employees • During the past couple years the organisations in I.T have been reducing the employees because of recession and loosing profit and closing their businesses. • So this can reduce the employees of their company because they don’t need someone to install the software because computers do that now so they don’t really need them anymore. • So this shows that the reducing of employees has increased a lot in the I.T organisations but it will decrease in a few years or maybe next year but slowly they will need more employees.

  5. changeover • The process of putting the new information system online and retiring the old system is known as system changeover. • There are four changeover methods which are: • Direct cutover: The direct cutover approach causes the changeover from the old system to the new system to occur immediately when the new system becomes operational. • It is the least expensive but involves more risks than other changeover methods. • There have been lots of changeover in the organization's because of new software and new ideas on how to make your internet faster.

  6. Increase in employees • Even when you oversee self-monitoring employees, it's important to check in with them from time to time to provide managerial support and keep the communication streams open. • Employees who monitor themselves are used to having their independence and freedom when it comes to where they work, when they work and how they work. • However, to maintain a productive and successful organization, managing self-monitoring employees is an important part of the process of the organization so that’s why they need them to make profit as a business.

  7. Video conferencing • You can meet with virtually anyone in the world — not just installed sites — and there's no hassling your meeting participants either. All they have to do is launch their web browser and click on a link. If they want to be on-camera too, almost any third-party webcam or PC-based video conferencing will suffice. • We do all the rest: providing our proxy and firewall compatible software, cloud computing infrastructure, and secure video conferencing service.

  8. Transmission of info worldwide • Advantages- use of encryption , circuit switching [packet switching for mail delivery. • Disadvantages- no employees, missing facilities

  9. Social impact of I.T on indivuals • Information technology, IT, gives a two strong points on new software and programs on how our computers must work. • There are many indivuals who haven't used computers but they are changing that by giving lots tutorials and software to improve their lives. • Concern about the impact of technology on people, organizations, and society is notnew for them. • The impact of IT on employment levels is of majorconcern, as are the effects on sociability and the quality of life.

  10. Risksof ICT on society • the risks of ICT on society are: • Viruses- there are many viruses such as spyware and Trojan worms. But there are spams which try to offer you free software but that can slow down your computer and delete your files. • Moral and social issues- the internet is a vast source of information but it can also be used to peddle pornography, con people out of money , invade peoples privacy with unwanted advertising, and make it easier for criminals to organise their activities. • Changing lifestyles- many aspects of our lives are affected by information technology-home life, leisure, shopping, banking, work. • Changing work patterns- information technology has led to many changes in how we work, where we work and when we work. It has had a dramatic effect on our working lives.