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2012 Girls Volleyball PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 Girls Volleyball

2012 Girls Volleyball

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2012 Girls Volleyball

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  1. 2012 Girls Volleyball

  2. VolleyballItems for Review • 2011 Volleyball State Series • 2011 FHSAA Volleyball Finals • Officials Recommendation Forms • Volleyball Field Clinics in 2012 • Volleyball Evaluation Program • Officials Uniforms • Steve LeBruno • Questions, Comments or Suggestions • Thanks and Best Wishes!

  3. Volleyball State Series • Congratulations! This year’s State Series were fantastic! • Overall, Officials that were assigned did a great job! • Thank you to FPOA for hosting a fantastic tournament along with MFOA. Your assistance was greatly appreciated!

  4. 2012 Volleyball Finals The FHSAA has signed an extended contract with the Kissimmee Convention and Visitors Bureau for the Volleyball Finals to be held at Osceola Heritage Park – Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee. The Florida Professional Officials Association will continue to serve as the Host Association for this event . Our first year in Kissimmee was fantastic and we are looking forward to continued success in the years to come!

  5. Officials Recommendation Forms • Be sure to list alternate officials/crews if available • If you have officials that you would like to recommend, but have not met all criteria, please recommend them and then explain in the comment section why the official/crew has not met all criteria • Utilize the comment section that has been provided (“did not attend field clinic” is not an acceptable comment – we need to know WHY!) • It is important to list crews by ability – not by experience or because, they have not been to that level before. Be sure and utilize the form as it was designed!

  6. 2012 Volleyball Field Clinics Tallahassee Volleyball Officials Association Date: Fri Aug 17th, 2012 – Sat. Aug 18th, 2012 Site: Chiles High School - Tallahassee Clinicians: Ken Hayes, Bob Coleman, Patrick Loebig, Marcia Howard East Coast Volleyball Officials Association Date: Fri Aug 17th, 2012 - Sat Aug 18th, 2012 Site: St. Andrews School – Boca Raton Clinicians: Dave Greenlee and Moises Santiago Florida Professional Officials Assn. Date: Fri Jul 27th, 2012 - Sat Jul 28th, 2012 Application Deadline: Fri Jul 13th, 2012 Site: TBD Clinicians: James Phillips, Dave Skove, Teresa Halliday Northeast Volleyball Officials Association Date: Fri Aug 10th, 2012 - Sat Aug 11th, 2012 Site: Creekside High School - St. Johns Clinicians: TBD A-1 Officials Association Date: Fri Aug 17th, 2012 - Sat Aug 18th, 2012 Site: Mainland High School - Daytona Beach Clinicians: Deane Booth, Ed Cobb, Steve Williamson

  7. Volleyball Evaluation Program • Evaluations are very important to the advancement of officials. • The FHSAA is looking to add an Evaluation Component to all sports. • Evaluation Camps will be added at tournaments during the beginning of the season. • More information will be provided online later this summer.

  8. Officials Uniform • The FHSAA has teamed up with Honig’s to create new Officials Uniforms in various sports. • The sports of Football, Softball and Volleyball have all moved in the direction of new uniforms to generate funding in order to implement new evaluation and training programs. • State Series Volleyball Officials will be required to wear the new uniform shirt at State Series Events (Districts and beyond). • The old uniform will be sufficient for all regular season contests. • The new uniform consists of a white polo shirt with smaller FHSAA shield patch on the left chest and FHSAA acronym patch on the right sleeve. Women’s Short Sleeve Men’s Short Sleeve Unisex Long Sleeve

  9. In Memory Of Steve LeBruno Our Condolences to FPOA and the LeBruno Family

  10. Good News Notes!!! • Boys Volleyball is now permitted to have Preseason Classics! • Rules Presentations have been canned!!! • All Exams moved up!!! • Online Exam August 8-17 • Online Make-Up September 4-10

  11. NFHS Rules Changes (10-3 Pen. 1) Illegal alignment is now charged when an illegal sub is indentified in the set after the whistle/signal for serve. (11-2-3 Note) State associations have the authority to determine the number of electronic media time-outs that may be taken and when they may be taken during the match. (4-2-2) Solid-colored uniform tops for Libero’s beginning in 2016. (5-2-2) The referee’s equipment shall include a watch along with a whistle, coin and yellow/red cards. (5-3-4d and 5-4-3b) The coin toss for a deciding set shall be conducted by the second referee in front of the officials’ table.

  12. Thanks for a great year and best wishes in the upcoming season!

  13. Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

  14. Photos Provided By: Glossy Finish Photography Official Photographer of the FHSAA …and Rex’s Mom!