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how can one reset their hp laptop n.
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How Can One Reset Their HP Laptop? PowerPoint Presentation
How Can One Reset Their HP Laptop?

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How Can One Reset Their HP Laptop?
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How Can One Reset Their HP Laptop?

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  1. How Can One Reset Their HP Laptop?

  2. If one wants to hard restore their device it may be the case where, you want to discontinue using your laptop for you are selling it to another customer, or there are some issues that you want to eliminate from your device for error-free working; the procedure will be the same in every case. However, it must be carried out carefully so that you do not harm your device or the data in it in any way. The process is not much of a task and with proper guidance you will do it in a jiffy! All you have to do is follow the steps given below which are procured from only the experts.

  3. However, we will highly recommend you to keep a backup of your important data in some other device or hard disc, as this process once initiated will delete every file from C drive. • For the starter, restart your computer by selecting Start option on your screen’s bottom left corner and click the icon of settings and chose the option of Restart among others. • Now, to activate ‘Advanced boot option’ you must press the F8 key. Remember that you need to press the F8 key before the logo of your HP laptop appears on the screen. If you failed, then restart the device and try again.

  4. Once the Advanced boot options window appears, choose the down arrow to select the repair you computer option and select enter. • Now login your device as an administer user followed by selecting Hp factory image restore. • In the following window click on the ‘Next’ option; tick the box stating ‘Yes, reformat the hard drive and restore system software to factory conditions’, and select Next.  • Select option Finish to culminate the process.

  5. If while performing the above steps, you face any problem or you want to gain some insight on this matter then contact HP Customer Care Number +61-388205238 and the experts will fulfill your needs. Content Source:

  6. Contact Us HP Support Number Australia Toll-Free: +61-388205238 Address: Hudson House, 131 Macquarie Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia