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Year Abroad Scheme 2011/12

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Year Abroad Scheme 2011/12. Information for level 2 students. Year Abroad Schemes in SEE.

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year abroad scheme 2011 12

Year Abroad Scheme 2011/12

Information for level 2 students

year abroad schemes in see
Year Abroad Schemes in SEE
  • MGeol/MEnv/MGeophys schemes: these are 4 year degrees with marks translated abroad, and 120 credits of level 5 modules in the 4th year. You can only do these with specific partners, and we select who goes where. These degrees are currently available only for GS, GP, EnvSci, Meteorology and Env Man programmes
  • BSc/BA degrees with a year in Europe: These are available in all degree schemes, but with specific partners under Erasmus agreements. Talk to me or Steven about these
  • BSc/BA degrees with a pass-fail year abroad. These degrees are currently possible only for Environment programmes. Normally the Study Abroad office decides who goes where, and you have to apply to them by 18th November (justify to us your choices)
year abroad schemes in see current situation
Year Abroad Schemes in SEE current situation
  • Everyone already enrolled on an MGeol, MGeophys or MEnv programme is guaranteed a year abroad at one of our partners
  • A large number of students have asked to transfer onto year abroad schemes. We are still negotiating with the Study Abroad Office over some final places, but it is unlikely that we will be able to find places for everyone
  • Students that we cannot accommodate can apply for a year abroad in the open competition. If you get into one of our partners (the SAO office do not always give us all the places they have) you may still be able to transfer onto an M-level programme, but otherwise it will be a BSc/BA with a year abroad. We are looking at extending this option to GS and GP
mgeol mgeophys menv schemes
MGeol/MGeophys/MEnv schemes
  • Must e-mail 1 page essay to me (Earth Science programmes) or Steven (Envi programmes) by 4 pm on Wednesday 16th November
  • Essay should say why you wish to go to your first choice destination, and how you will benefit from a year abroad
  • Decision will be made on basis of 1st year exam results (mainly) and quality of essay
  • We will let you know if you are eligible to apply through SEE for the integrated masters schemes ASAP (hopefully this week). The 1st year mark cutoff is likely to be between 65 and 68%
  • Must ALSO apply to SAO by their deadline of 26th Nov (but make it clear that SEE is doing the allocation)
what you need to do m programmes
What you need to do (M-programmes)
  • Research our partners on the web
  • Talk to 4th year students – hopefully they will organise a social event in week 7 – and read feedback they have provided
  • E-mail academic contacts if you have questions about courses etc (inform Luisa if the contacts are out of date)
  • E-mail students who are there now – Luisa has a list
  • Submit essay by deadline on 16th Nov
what you need to do bsc ba programmes
What you need to do (BSc/BA programmes)
  • Research university partners on the web, making sure you can do courses in your subject area
  • Talk to 4th year students – hopefully they will organise a social event in week 7 – and read feedback they have provided
  • E-mail students who are there now – Luisa has a list
  • Go to Study Abroad Fair to be held in the Parkinson Court on 26 October 2011 from 11am to 3pm
  • Submit application to study abroad office by 18th November, copied to me or Steven as appropriate
  • List a first, second and third choice
  • Tell us why you want to go there. Academic reasons are best, but other reasons are also valid. Concentrate on first choice
  • The best essays will be well researched, mentioning people you would like to work with and courses you particularly want to do
  • Also tell us how you will benefit from the year abroad in general
words of caution
Words of caution
  • Sometimes courses don’t run in a particular year. Ask the local contacts if they know
  • Some places are more expensive (esp. S California, Australia) Ask 4th years about real costs
  • Make sure you keep up a 2-1 average this semester
  • Make sure you have required bond etc
us partners with provisional places available
US Partners (with provisional places available)
  • University of California (4 places, geology or geophysics)
    • UC Davis, UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego
  • Penn State University (sorry – no places this year)
  • Colorado School of Mines (GP, GS, 2 places)
  • Illinois at Champaine-Urbana (Meteorology, 1 place)
  • Wisconsin (Madison) (2 places, Env Sci/ Meteorology)
  • Purdue, (Indiana) (1 place, GS/Met). New partner.
  • Be prepared for involved visa application
  • You can’t be sure which campus you will be allocated to (and will not find out until after Easter)
  • Davis is the least popular, but is very good for GS and GP
  • Santa Barbara and San Diego very good for marine science. Both good for GS/GP
  • UCLA is a top school, good for hard rock, probably not for GP
colorado school of mines
Colorado School of Mines


  • Very good for both minerals and petroleum geology
  • Excellent school, great strengths in Meteorology. Ask Steven Dobbie for further info

University of Wisconsin at Madison

  • New University link last year – Met or Env Sci; Real strength in Meteorology – talk to Steven

Purdue University, Indiana

New University link this year – good for Meteorology– (talk to Steven if interested) or GS. Staff at Purdue are very keen to welcome our students and build up the exchange

  • Queen’s Ontario – long established link for GP/GS students, places still to be confirmed this year. Good for economic geology and hard rock
  • Western Ontario – GS/GP, (4 students) talk to students who were there last year
  • Alberta – (2 students, GP/GS), talk to students who were there last year
  • McMaster (Env Sci – 3 students) Great programme in Environmental Science. Strong exchange and well liked.
australia and new zealand
Australia and New Zealand
  • Go out early July, take sem 2 then sem 1
  • Can travel or work in long vacation (esp Australia, work permit by right. Less clear in NZ)
  • ANU – very good School, top University, 1 GS student. Opportunities for research assistantship in vacation. Good for hard rock, structure, geochemistry and many other things. Not good for GP courses at undergraduate level
  • Don’t be put off by anti-Canberra hate campaign orchestrated by government hating Aussies! It is within easy reach of Sydney but much cheaper with a better climate…
  • Adelaide ( 2 students, GS) – there are two students there now and 2 in 4th year, and Luisa can give you contact details. Good field trips
monash 2 students
Monash (2 students)
  • Great for Met, Env Sci
  • In the suburbs of Melbourne – good train links to centre
  • Nice campus, possums, koalas (maybe!)
  • One of the Australian “group of seven”
  • Good department, Greg Houseman (Prof of Geophysics) used to be there
wellington 2 students
Wellington (2 students)
  • Good for GS or GP
  • Small town, but great place to be a student (but wet and windy!)
  • Experience tectonics at first hand (hopefully not too much!)
  • Good department, small, friendly
learning contracts
Learning Contracts
  • Are available on website here:
  • Get updated as information comes in!
  • Fill them in in semester 2
  • Says how many credits you should take (typically there is a minimum requirement at 3rd year level or above)
  • See details of mark translation (but provisional for recently established partners)
any questions
Any questions
  • If about visas, accommodation, healthcare, insurance, application procedures, ask Study Abroad Office
  • If about mark translations, ask me or Steven
  • If about living abroad, ask 4th years or students currently away