briefing session on hsbc overseas scholarship scheme 2011 12 n.
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Briefing Session on HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme 2011-12 PowerPoint Presentation
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Briefing Session on HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme 2011-12

Briefing Session on HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme 2011-12

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Briefing Session on HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme 2011-12

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  1. Briefing Session on HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme 2011-12 Date: 17 January 2011 (Monday)Time: 4:30-5:30pm Venue: MBG-19 Office of Mainland and International Programmes

  2. Important highlights of the scheme Are you eligible? • High caliber student (min GPA 3.3) • Hong Kong permanent resident • Year 1 student (3 yr/ 4 yr program)/ Year 2 student (4 yr program only) • Fulfill mandatory English requirement

  3. Purpose and Background • Encourage academically outstanding student(s) to spend a year to study at an overseas university specified by the HSBC for the academic year 2011/12 • Applicants will have the flexibility to major in a different discipline, other than the one the applicant is currently studying, while aboard. The majoring discipline should be: • All disciplines under architecture, business and economics, communication, computer science/information systems, construction and land use, dentistry, design, education, engineering, health care, hotel and tourism, law, medicine, science (basic and applied), social sciences, textiles, and arts subjects (linguistics and languages, translation, history, geography, fine arts and applied arts) and environment.

  4. Value of the Scholarship • The scholarship will cover: • tuition fees • a minimum economy return airfare • reasonable room and board costs, books and a small portion of living expenses (It will not cover visa application fees or other associated fees, insurance, clothing expenses and other incidentals)

  5. Eligibility and Criteria • Hong Kong permanent residentwith the right of abode in Hong Kong and who has lived in Hong Kong for seven years • Full-time current year-1 undergraduate students of a 3-year degree programme, or year-1 and year-2 undergraduate students of a 4-year degree programme

  6. Eligibility and Criteria (Cont’) • Students who are currently studying in the following disciplines are eligible to apply: • Chinese/Contemporary English Studies/Contemporary English Studies and Education/History/Translation/Business Programmes/Social Sciences Programmes

  7. Eligibility and Criteria (Cont’) • Minimum GPA of 3.3in 1st term of 2010/11. Non-first-year students should have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 in 2009/10 • Well-rounded, participation in extra-curricular and community service activities • No extensive experience of living or studying overseas • In a financial situation which does not permit overseas study or extensive travel overseas • Committed to Hong Kong

  8. Eligibility and Criteria (Cont’) • A minimum total TOEFL score: 90 (internet-based test), individual sections not lower than 22 on listening, 17 on writing, 21 on reading, and 21 on speaking • Ora minimum IELTS(Academic module) overall band score: 6.5, with no components below 6.0 • Tests must be dated 12 February 2008 or later

  9. Important Note • Successful applicant(s)’ status at Lingnan will be suspended during their year abroad. • It is important to discuss with your Department and/or Programme Director on whether the credits of courses you intend to take are transferrable to Lingnan, and seek approval from them. It is student’s responsibility to confirm the credit transfer arrangement. • If you do not transfer enough credits back to Lingnan for your year abroad (especially if you want to major a different discipline there), you may not be able to fulfill your graduation requirement within the normal time frame and hence may defer your graduation.

  10. Application Procedure • Consult your Programmes/Departments/ Academic Advisor for your application (on your suitability for the programme, advice on institution selection, credit transferability etc.) NOW • Select and apply for admission to a designated overseas university, select subjects, credit transfer, duration of study, etc. NOW • Register for TOEFL or IELTS examinations NOW • Submit completed application form, academic transcript covering the 1st semester 2009/10 , TOEFL/IELTS report, student undertaking form, proforma summary sheet(deadline: 26 January 2011)

  11. Selection Process • Selection interview by the University: 10-11 February 2011 • Selection interview of shortlisted student by HSBC panel: March 2011

  12. Selection Process (Cont’) Submit the following to the HSBC (by 14 February 2011): • List of all applicants • List of shortlisted candidates, together with: • completed University Recommendation Form • completed Student Undertaking Form • Transcript covering the 1st semester, 2010/11 (non-first-year students should also include their transcripts for the year 2009/10) • TOEFL or IELTS transcript (test must be dated 12 February 2008 or later)

  13. Selection Process (Cont’) • Conditional offermade by the HSBC to the successful candidate(s) by April 2011

  14. Selection Process (Cont’) • Submit the following documents to confirm the scholarship award (deadline: 15 July 2011): • formal admission by overseas university (a MUST) • a letter from overseas university confirming the number of credits that the student needs to take during his/her year abroad • a letter from the overseas university outlining the duration of the academic year and information on the number of credits that you should take overseas

  15. Selection Process (Cont’) • cumulative GPA score of 3.3 or above at the end of the academic year 2010/11 • application form to the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme ( • pro-forma summary sheet duly completed with final cost breakdown Note: HSBC will confirm the award and its amount no later than late August 2011

  16. Obligations of successful applicant (s) • Participate in and complete the “Hong Kong Young Ambassador Programme” • Return to Lingnan University after the year overseas to complete your degree in Hong Kong. Student who do not comply with this requirement should reimburse the full cost of scholarship • Submit a written report of your one-year overseas study to the Foundation after your return

  17. Summary of important deadlines of the scheme For details of the scheme, application form, list of designated institution under HSBC, guideline on the calculation of scholarship amount, please click:

  18. Arrangements for students who have also applied for Student Exchange Programme • Your student exchange application will be processed as other students • When the conditional offer is made by HSBC in April, the selected student(s) has to give up the exchange opportunity immediately, even if the final scholarship award is unsuccessful.

  19. Sharing from former HSBC Overseas Scholarship Recipient, Mr. Terrence You

  20. We are looking forward to receiving your application Thank you! Sponsored by: