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Mental Fitness

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Mental Fitness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mental Fitness. JulieFox Kaplan University HW499: Professor Eaves. What is Mental Fitness?. Mental Fitness is in reference to a person’s capacity to be self determined.

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Mental Fitness

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    1. Mental Fitness • JulieFox • Kaplan University • HW499: Professor Eaves

    2. What is Mental Fitness? • Mental Fitness is in reference to a person’s capacity to be self determined. • “Our capacity to make positive changes in our daily routines, whether eating healthy, being physically active, or living tobacco-free is impacted by our Mental Fitness” (

    3. Things you can do to improve Mental Fitness • Keep a journal - being able to express yourself can help you gain perspective and even can help you release tension. • Exercise- Exercising can help you improve you well being. You are around people which can help you be social which is good for you mind. Yoga is a great option for mental fitness exercise. • Find a hobby - Hobbies bring balance to you mind because it is often something you enjoy and it can help release pressures of your everyday life.

    4. Benefits of Mental Fitness • Regular Mental Fitness can help you: • Reduce Depression • Reduce Stress • Live a happier and healthier life • Feel more confident in your daily life • Take a break from the daily mental worries

    5. Herbs to Help Mental Fitness/Stress- Relief • Rhodiola Rosea • One of the most promising plants for treatment of depression. • Inhabits areas throughout Europe. Produces yellow blossoms that smell like roses. • “stimulates the effects of neurotransmitters such as epinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin on the central nervous system” (Etcheverry, 2013)

    6. Affirmations • One excellent way of doing mental fitness on a daily basis is by doing • Affirmations involve self-talk. “Simply stating to yourself certain positive messages actually activates specific neural pathways that when strengthened tend to promote self-esteem and well-being” (Lazarus Institue, 2011).

    7. Mental Fitness • Mental fitness is an important aspect of your health. It plays many roles when it comes to the health of your body and mind. • Mental Fitness can help reduce depression and stress • Some herbal medicines can reduce stress and help mental fitness as well.

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