daktronics touchpad testing device n.
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Daktronics Touchpad Testing Device

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Daktronics Touchpad Testing Device - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Daktronics Touchpad Testing Device. SD0801 Sarthak Ahuja Michael Benson Kalana Maldeniya. Introduction. Client: Daktronics inc. Client Representative: Kurt Kaski Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chao You. Introduction.

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daktronics touchpad testing device

Daktronics Touchpad Testing Device


Sarthak Ahuja

Michael Benson

Kalana Maldeniya

  • Client: Daktronics inc.
  • Client Representative: Kurt Kaski
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chao You
  • Daktronics’ swimming timing system uses a touchpad to indicate when the swimmer has finished each lap.
  • Our objective is to develop a handheld, battery powered tester for verifying the operation of the touchpad.
hardware requirements
Hardware Requirements
  • In its simplest form the tester will give a visual (LED) and audible (buzzer) indication of when the touchpad is closed.
  • A connection to a submersible pressure measurement device for measuring actuation force.
  • An LCD for displaying the measured force.
  • A female DB9 serial port for connection to a computer for the purpose of updating firmware, etc.
  • The battery power supply should be a switcher for maximum battery life.
  • Decoupling caps on the ICs
software requirements
Software Requirements
  • The tester will display the force measurement, as well as a latched value indicating the actuation force.
  • Turn off the LCD and sleep the micro until an input is detected from the touchpad input.
visual and audible indication

When a touch is sensed:

 White LED for visual indication

 A 4 KHz piezo buzzer driven by Pulse width

Modulation through the microcontroller

load cell
  • Used in measurements involving displacement of a stressed, linearly elastic member
  • Used a compact button style load cell to measure applied force
  • Applied force is then calculated and displayed on the LCD screen
  • Displayed reading is accurate to +/- .25 lbs. and is logged about 20 microseconds after the touch is sensed


submersible force probe
Submersible Force Probe
  • Uses the load cell to measure the amount of force necessary to actuate the touchpad
sleeping mode
  • A sleep timer is initialized to 0 whenever a touch is sensed
  • If is incremented by 1 in every cycle if no touch is sensed
  • When it reaches 1500 (10 seconds), the LCD is turned off, and the PIC enters sleep mode
power supply

Power Supply

9V battery

5V output

Voltage Regulator




Max 232






Power Supply
  • Method of testing
  • Decoupling Caps
  • Sleeping Mode
  • Creating the submersible probe
  • Troubleshooting

1. DC/DC conv.

2. Noise

lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Time Management
  • More Research
  • Priorities
  • Parts Ordering
  • Debugging
future work
Future Work
  • Further testing to improve reliability
  • Develop a permanent enclosure for the submersible probe
  • Add the ability to test other components of the timing system
  • Designed a handheld tester that meets the client’s design requirements
  • Learned that design is only a small part of the development timeline, while debugging is much more time consuming
  • Daktronics inc.
  • ECE Department
  • Dr. Chao You
  • Dr. Mark Schroeder
  • West Fargo Flyers Swim Team
  • West Fargo High School
  • Bart Kent